WATATEN! an Angel Flew Down to Me Special

Alt title: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita Special

DVD Special (1 ep x 23 min)
3.681 out of 5 from 720 votes
Rank #3,347

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Unaired episode included in the 3rd BD/DVD volume release of WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me.

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You Never Let Us Down / Always Growing Closer / Let's Change You Into This! / I'm Your Big Sister

Episode 1

You Never Let Us Down / Always Growing Closer / Let's Change You Into This! / I'm Your Big Sister

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Doga Kobo’s 2019 shoujo-ai comedy is sure weird but distinctly fun and very funny. Only in Japanese anime could grown adults make a show about a grown woman falling in love with a young girl in junior school. This bizarre plot is made totally acceptable when the woman is actually a super shy university student and the young “angel” is a friend of her younger sister’s. Student Miyako Hoshino doesn’t like leaving her mother’s house as she is extremely anxious in social situations with strangers. However, she is a lovely girl with an extraordinary talent for cooking, baking and making clothes. In her very private moments, she loves to cosplay. One day her little sister Hinata brings a school friend home. Hana Shirosaki (through Miyako’s eyes) is an angel and Miyako starts to obsess about this little girl. She tries to get Hana to cosplay for her but she is reluctant until her weak spot is found: she just loves sweets and dessert. So, the story is set up for an odd-comedy where all the young girls are aware of Miyako’s strange obsessions but they love her all the same because she is (thankfully) harmless. This sort of story can be done very badly but this one handles the topic well. Miyako is well aware of how unsavoury her crush is and fights it all the way. However, despite it being non-sexual, it is all-consuming. Thankfully her little sister, her sister’s friends and Mum are there to closely chaperone the school-girls. It slowly turns into a tale of friendship across the generations made all the more fun when a contemporary of Miyako turns up - Koko Matsumoto – who has her own fixation. Koko has been stalking Miyako for a couple of years ever since they met in High School. Koko can be a little scary at times but her obsession is filled with harmless affection which reflects Miyako’s feelings for Hana. The show is derived from the four-panel yuri comedy manga written and illustrated by Nanatsu Mukunoki. This 23 minute special is currently running as a package with the main series on Crunchyroll so no need to buy the DVD to see this episode. The OVA is made up of four shorts: "You Never Let Us Down", "Always Growing Closer", "Let's Change You Into This!" and "I'm Your Big Sister". The pricincipal segments here cover the girls going away on a camping trip and another where they enjoy Halloween. If you loved the 12 episode season one then you will love this. The show is packed fill of lots of nice little touches in the plot and the characterisations. It is all so adorable and cute you will finish the show with a warm and fuzzy feeling that will last for days. There is not a single thing that would make this show better. Pitch perfect.

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