Wanna be the Strongest in the World

Alt title: Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2013
2.582 out of 5 from 1,709 votes
Rank #17,779

Busty Sakura has just been chosen to be Sweet Diva’s main vocalist for a fourth time in a row, and the idol group couldn’t be happier. With plenty of jobs coming their way, both Sakura and her rival Elena volunteer for a promotional gig at a wrestling arena. But when the pair accidentally offends pro wrestler Rio Kazama, who in turn insults the merits of being an idol, Sakura throws herself into the ring for skimpy, sexy and brutal matches with other well-endowed beauties. For this Sweet Diva member, she’ll endure shameful moves and bend in whatever position it takes to prove that idols are nothing to be looked down upon!

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Spoilers about some plots and stuff. Not that you're watching it for plot or any dumb shit like that. Story: This failed as much as Tits-Chan did in the first six episodes of failure. Or five. The point is she failed. A lot. Constantly. It got incredibly depressing when she rode that fail train all on down the line and let me tell you, again, repeatedly, she. Fucking. Failed. In each episode's crappy ass wrestling moments which were filled breast to breast with moaning, it was a constant stream of fail moans. Now that's out of my system for now, I can tell you why it's worse than implants. At it's core, it's an idol who got suckered into a sucker bet when she said she can wrestle or some shit. She talked the shit but couldn't walk the walk and got her ass wupped along with her friend and was then compelled to join up wrestling because she had to prove something or another. Really doesn't matter. But, it proves that wrestling ain't all tits and bounce as people don't go winning once they start up, and I'm telling you again to warn you off and to make you less depressed if you watch it out of morbid/perverted bonerism, she does not win for a while. She is the fresh fish in the pond, unproven and a soft bitch, so to speak. And it's tiresome. So tiresome that even the in-universe viewers get tired of it, as would you. It's tedious, not just the fights themselves and the constant stream of failure, but it reuses crotch shots. Fucking reuses crotch shots! If it ain't a boob shot, it's a crotch shot and even then many shots are reused. That's animation but it extends the fights and is just plain cheap because if they skimped on the animation, where the fuck did the budget for everything else go? You make ecchi shit by amping the fucking tits off animation while sending characters, plots, dialogue and all that worthless shit to the high schoolers and fifth parties. This lacks all of that. What I remember from the dialogue I half paid attention to was crap. The plot that was there was crap. The scenarios were probably crap. The ending nearly made me throw up. It then made me throw up. The pay off was shit. Anything dealing with writing was shit. Every time I watched an episode of this farce I was doing something else so I really cannot comment on the nitty titty details of anything. But I could tell that it was still boring. Uninteresting, unsuspenseful, unclimatic, predictable and that secret move while unexpected should have been expected if one was paying attention. It's a spiffy secret special move but don't know if it's practical or not. Probably is. That gives it a point but the ending takes it away. It was seriously that bad. Just thinking about makes me want to hurl. Animation: Not even the boobs can save it. Sure it has ample boobs, large boobs and maybe some small ones or something but Tits-Chan sure has some knockers, as do half the characters and then some. It's ok, but the quality and repeated shots really bring down what little good there was. And she really fights some gorillas in the ring. A punk gorilla or two but they're evil and all evil people are gorillas. And needed more fanservice. If you're going to make a show about two big-titty girls grappling and throwing each other, smashing into each other and getting into sexy, compromising positions, you need more boobage, NOT reused crotch shots but fresh ones, more tits and ass, more bounce to the ounce and 80% of the budget towards the front and back with less to every other shitty aspect of this shit. They really dropped the breast here. Sound: I think I skipped the EP every time I watched it so can't comment on that but I can comment on the OP: It's forgettable. I think there's some singing involved by a female vocalist and some guitar or some other instrument but nothing noteable or spectacular. Or decent, let alone memorable. But someone sung, that I'm sure. And it lacked a Rocky or Joe Esposito vibe. If it had one like the latter, instant 10. And most important of all in the sound, the moaning. If you don't have headphones while you watch this, people will think you're watching some porn. It's that constant and integral to the wrestling plots. Tits-Chan moans more here than in Seikon no Titties in it's entirety and that's the first and second season. Plus the PDs. And OVAs. By 1 person. For at least 10 minutes per episode. That's a lot of moaning, you have my word on that. It also gets repetitive, annoying and tiresome. I don't know if it's suppose to be arrousing but eventually it'll wear you down and it'll win because you would have had enough of her moaning like some common harlot. It's just too much and it broke me. Characters: Lets see... there's Haruka, Gorilla, Tits-Chan, Ice Cream Pop (The band or idol group), Berserk Gym with the hot female wrestlers, Rival, Blue Panther, Other Gorilla and... Sakura? If the ecchi schtick wasn't enough of a giveaway then I really don't know what to add. It has more on boobs than it does on character development or empathy for any of these chicks and gorillas. I cannot remember names that well so I didn't bother learning them, let alone pay attention to them. All I know is that they either wrestle or sing. Um... I suppose... ... Shit. Overall: I can't believe I watched this shit for the MM. This was not in any way good or even so-bad-it's-good, not even 'Watching it for the titties' bad. It's just plain shit. This is not worth your time for watching perverted boner shows so don't bother with this. It's flawed in plot, characters, dialogue, animation, memorable music and depth and brings shame to wrestling shows everywhere. SHAME.


You know, there comes a point in life where everything seems futile. You don't have the will to get your self out of bed and even breathing is like the hardest thing to do. And just when you think that it can't possibly get any worse than that you take the monumental decision to check out what's new in the world..Wars, famine, aids, ebola etc. After you are sick and tired of everything the world has to offer and you're on the verge of commiting suicide the sweet lord that loves you sends an angel bathing the room in holy light. The angel smiles at you and hands you a case. In it is the dvd of Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai. Now, you have 2 choices. Either give that bastard a good beating and shove up his holy ass the dvd or you sit your ass down and watch it. If you're sane you'll kick that winged fucker's face in and get on with hanging your self and if you're barking mad then......And that will be the worse decision you'll ever make. Why? Cause this anime is far worse than any despicable horrors people went through in nazi Germany.....Know what? This might actually be a form of terroristic attack from Japan to us pesky outsiders. Sure not many people died watching this but the number of people enclosed in mental facilities went through the damn roof and into the heavenly skies. So after learning the best meditation techniques and taking my brave pills i decided to take on this fucker and i wasn't ready for the full head on assault on all my senses. The screams still echo in my head. And screams is indeed all you get with this anime among other things. But before that let's see what is the story..It all starts when the popular all girl group Sweet Diva's 2 prominent members Sakura and Elena Miyazawa go for a promotional thingy to a gym where female athletes of pro-wrestling are doing their thing. Whilst in the gym, Elena makes a stupid remark which makes a sadistic bitch by the name of Rio Kazama go insane, placing Elena in an excruciating submission hold ending it with an insult to all idols. Determined to uphold the honour of pop idols Sakura challenges Rio to a wrestling match. Well we all know what comes next right? Sakura beat he....Nah she got more beaten up than Rihanna was thus beginning the most painful journey in history. Everything after that is the hentai enthusiast's dream. Girl on girl action with more crotch close ups than all of Salieri's films combined. More ass close ups than those featured in the lifespan of Playboy even topping the amount of screams heard in the torture chambers in USSR. If you came here by any chance to watch the equivelant of WWE in its' glory days, might i suggest not holding your breath? The entirety of the anime is all about girls sitting on top of each other, crotch and ass in all their glory and screams that never seem to stop even for a second. Sakura especially is head of scream headquarters. First 6 eps are full of Sakura losing each fucking match and screaming like a wounded hyena. Let me repeat that again for those who didn't get it the first time. 6 freaking eps full of Sakura losing each match and screaming like a black metal band's singer...With crotch, ass and boob close ups of course cause you're a dirty, dirty pervert..God i hope Sakura's voice actor was paid in pure gold cause let me tell you, she deserves it for ruining her throat by screaming for an entire year. I don't think there's something else to talk about concerning this anime. It's just a watered down hentai with the same watered down hentai animation and music and voice acting. I cannot stress enough how much you should NOT watch this thing. Avoid it at all costs, avoid it like you would avoid sticking your penis in a beehive. If you wanna spend time on something spend it on sticking your head up your arse and watch your life fade away in eternal darkness and human waste.


It's the holiday season a time for good cheer, joy, fatty food and all that crap. If you're anything like me then you enjoy everything about the holiday traditions except for those pesky loved ones that always want to spend time with you. Well, rejoice anime fans! Because Japan has delivered Sekai De Ichiban, an anime perfect for alienating those annoying loved ones and ensuring they won't want to be in the same room with you. Sekai De Ichiban may have a grand name that would suggest an epic nature, but in reality its a yuri porno for those that don't actually want to deal with nudity, sex or women that aren't strange and lumpy. Just like a porn movie the plot is paper thin and just an excuse to get to the sex or in the case of Sekai De Ichiban scantily clad women insulting the sport of wrestling. Forget the excitement of thrilling wrestling matches, instead watch women sitting on top of each other moaning and groaning in pain for scenes that drag on for far too long. If that's not enough to entice you then maybe the thought of seeing the exact same crotch and ass shots repeated a few hundred times with start to get your blood boiling all while they scream in orgasmic agony. All of this set to the roaring cheers of hundreds of male wrestling fans rendered in eye bleedingly CGI. If the plot isn't enough of an appeal then the characters should seal the deal. When they're not moaning or screaming in pain, they're having super serious conversations about respecting wrestling all the while demeaning the entire sport with the actual matches. None of the characters are particular memorable for anything more than how grating their moaning is. The lead character Sakura, a pop idol that turned to wrestling for stupid reasons gets the longest matches and moans louder and longer than any of the other characters. The animation is appallingly cheap with no attempt to even cover how often they reuse the exact some shot over and over again. This is an ecchi anime that is too cheap to even animate the weird boob jiggles of the balloon chested cast, instead the no matter how hard the characters get knocked around their boobs stay hanging in same position as if they are above the laws of gravity. Even by the very low standards of ecchi anime, the animation is Sekai de Ichiban is shoddy and cheap to the extreme. The character models don't fair much better with the exception of one fat wrestler, most of the women look like a stick with a pair of balloons nailed to their chest. Yes, the anime was even too cheap to design more than one body type for the majority of its cast. It's the sound that's the icing on this shit cake though. The music is completely forgettable and even the sounds of wrestling matches are dull and generic sounding, but the voice acting will haunt you in your sleep. The characters are constantly spouting the tired inspirational lines with as much enthusiasm as their voice actors can muster, but it's not until they are in the ring that the voice actors really get to shine. I'm sure that everyone in this cast called home proud to report that they got to spend twenty minutes recording various grunts, moans, screams and pleas for mercy, all with the director shouting at them "No! MAKE IT SOUND MORE SEXUAL!" It's hard to adequately describe how bad this aspect of the anime is; just trying to imagine a cat in heat while also badly in pain. So this holiday season turn those speakers up to maximum, turn your monitor to face the door and never worry again about those pesky loved ones trying to invade your personal space. Sure, you'll probably hate yourself for watching it afterwards, but a little self-loathing is worth the price for some peace and quiet.

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