Walkure Romanze

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2013
2.658 out of 5 from 3,296 votes
Rank #6,580

Horses dashing gallantly... Knights challenging their own limits... Magnificent, heroic battles highlight the horseback lance sport of jousting. One of the many people fascinated by this proud sport, Mizuno Takahiro, acts as a begleiter (an assistant) to jousting knights as he lives his rather tedious life at Winford Academy. This is the story of Takahiro and these female knights in their passionate, noble battles.

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The Flower Garden image

Episode 1

The Flower Garden

Sakura's Trial image

Episode 2

Sakura's Trial

The Morning of the Duel image

Episode 3

The Morning of the Duel

What It Takes to Be a Knight image

Episode 4

What It Takes to Be a Knight

Girls Without Their Armor image

Episode 5

Girls Without Their Armor

Time Off in Helen's Hill image

Episode 6

Time Off in Helen's Hill

Under the Windmill image

Episode 7

Under the Windmill

I Wish Upon a Shooting Star image

Episode 8

I Wish Upon a Shooting Star

The Maidens' Festival image

Episode 9

The Maidens' Festival

Where Victory Lies image

Episode 11

Where Victory Lies

When Summer Ends image

Episode 12

When Summer Ends

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Justhappydog's avatar
Justhappydog Nov 15, 2016
Score 6.7/10

Walkure Romanze is a echii , harem , romance anime , al least thats what they say but couldn't find any of them. No much echii. Ok let me ask what echii do you expect from an horse riding anime. Well its obviously hot girls in sexy suits but it even failed in them. Atleast they could have developed nice harem but they failed in it too. Its just a bunch of girls asking a boy to become their begleiter or an... read more

Shiira's avatar
Shiira Dec 25, 2017
Score 7/10

This may contain spoilers Overall: 7
I won't say I enjoyed watching this, but I liked it. What you would expect from any generic harem anime. Which isn't always a bad thing. Humor is a little forced in my opinion. If you want to watch this, its ok but don't expect anything new other than the jousting theme. I enjoyed it to the point that I finished it, which I usually don't do for bad shows. Story... read more

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