Wake Up, Girls Zoo!

Web (10 eps x 4 min)
2014 - 2015
Fall 2014
2.15 out of 5 from 270 votes
Rank #8,538
Wake Up, Girls Zoo!

Facing the imminent demise of a small zoo in northeastern Japan, the facility's head zookeeper Tange orders breeder Matsuda to scout out a new animal unit. Can the actions of these assembled seven creatures bring back the zoo from the brink?

Source: ANN

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Episode 1

Wake Up, Girls! ZOO

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Episode 2

Aquarium GO!

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Episode 3

Scary Story GO!

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Episode 4

Game GO!

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Episode 5

Figures GO!

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Episode 6

Distributing Fliers GO!

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Episode 7

Single Grand Attraction GO!

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Episode 8

Absolute Champion VS The True Leader

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Episode 9

WUG ZOO Ranger Show

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Episode 10

Final Episode GO!

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swagmaster420's avatar
swagmaster420 Nov 27, 2014
Score 7/10

This anime is more of an intro and and outro than an anime since its 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It's about a small zoo that needs more animals, I'm assuming to put on a show, however the animals are not actually animals, but girls in animal costumes. I guess you could describe it as a slice of life since it is just a slice of the usual girl things and them trying to figure out how to get people to go to the... read more

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