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Murasaki Wakako is a 26-year-old OL that loves nothing more than delicious food and drink. Wakako's favorite thing to do for relaxation is to go off by herself after work and go to various places to eat and drink, even if she's never been there before. The moment Wakako is able to taste the pairing between the food she wants to eat and the perfect accompanying drink, the happy sound of "Pshuuu" leaves her lips. Now, then. Where shall we drink tonight?

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1st Night: Fried Salted Salmon image

Episode 1

1st Night: Fried Salted Salmon

2nd Night: Fried Chicken image

Episode 2

2nd Night: Fried Chicken

3rd Night: Monkfish Liver in Ponzu image

Episode 3

3rd Night: Monkfish Liver in Ponzu

4th Night: Sea Urchin Cresson image

Episode 4

4th Night: Sea Urchin Cresson

5th Night: Yakitori image

Episode 5

5th Night: Yakitori

6th Night: Steamed Clams image

Episode 6

6th Night: Steamed Clams

7th Night: Potato Salad image

Episode 7

7th Night: Potato Salad

8th Night: Goya Chanpuru image

Episode 8

8th Night: Goya Chanpuru

9th Night: Kani Miso image

Episode 9

9th Night: Kani Miso

10th Night: Deep-Fried Asparagus Skewers image

Episode 10

10th Night: Deep-Fried Asparagus Skewers

11th Night: Hokke image

Episode 11

11th Night: Hokke

12th Night: Roasted Ginkgo Nuts image

Episode 12

12th Night: Roasted Ginkgo Nuts

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Story To be honest, this show doesn't really have a plot per say.  It's simply about the main character, Wakako, eating and drinking, talking about food pairings, and so forth.  We do see some snippets of Wakako's work-life.  If this was a full length episode series then it would probably be boring, but since the episodes are only 2 minutes long (or 1 and 1/2 minutes if you don't count the opening) then this type of set-up works.  It helps that the episodes are well paced. Animation Some people may get turned off by the way Wakako's drawn, but I think it adds to her charm and helps her stand out.  Also, I love the way food looks in this series.  It's so beautiful and delicious looking that just looking at the food in this series makes me hungry. Sound While the opening song isn't anything special, it is pleasent, somewhat catchy, and fits the tone of the series.  The same can be said about the background music. Characters Wakako doesn't get alot of character development, but since the episodes in this series only last 2 minutes long I didn't expect much character development anyways.  What she lacks in character development, Wakako makes up for it by being likable and relatable.  It helps that we can see some snippets of her work-life as well as see some of her personality quirks in the way she talks about food. Overall This series isn't anything amazing, but it is enjoyable for what it is.  If you are looking for a "bite-sized snack" to fullfill your anime craving, then you may want to check out this series.

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