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2019 - ?
Winter 2019
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Inspired by house music from a young age, Yukiya spends his free time as a DJ for a crowd of one and uploads his videos online. Like any young teenager, he yearns for something greater than his current life. He wants recognition and importance, but breaking out of his comfort zone means he runs the risk of getting hurt, so the cycle continues. That is, until the day he crosses the line of no return and stumbles across a mysterious live broadcast that will change his world forever.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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EYE'S Y'S Shout image

Episode 1

EYE'S Y'S Shout

ShE SaW Soul image

Episode 2

ShE SaW Soul

Café CUP PUCk image

Episode 3


FOuR FOR FORce image

Episode 4


Turn Time gear image

Episode 5

Turn Time gear

Cherry lily Cam image

Episode 6

Cherry lily Cam

Get back boys image

Episode 7

Get back boys

NO kNOw Noise image

Episode 8

NO kNOw Noise

GReen GROss GROOvy image

Episode 9

GReen GROss GROOvy

DUDDY bUDDY riDe image

Episode 10


CHurch CHat Chat! image

Episode 11

CHurch CHat Chat!

Hi HOO HOOligan! image

Episode 12

Hi HOO HOOligan!

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HKBattosai's avatar
HKBattosai Mar 5, 2019
Score 2.8/10

As a spin-off, or indirect sequel to one of the greatest anime in recent years, Hand Shakers, W'z follows closely in it's footsteps of greatness! Of course, I'm only going based on reviews and the forum thread that I've read. I haven't actually seen Hand Shakers myself. And if it wasn't for the absolute torturous obscurity of the ... read more

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