Voltes V

Alt title: Choudenji Machine Voltes V

TV (40 eps)
1977 - 1978
3.391 out of 5 from 508 votes
Rank #3,699

Evil aliens known as the Boazanians have invaded Earth, easily defeating all of its conventional military defenses. However, all is not lost: Japan has been secretly developing a mighty weapon – the powerful robot known as Voltes V! This massive mecha is made up of five combat vehicles, three of which are piloted by the sons of Voltes V's inventor; and when the evil Boazanians attack, the five vehicles combine to crush the invaders’ newest evil plot while using their mighty laser sword to slice the enemy robots in two!

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roriconfan Apr 28, 2012
Score 5/10

Voltes V is the brainchild of NOT Go Nagai (finally). It was made by a dude named Yatsude Saburo, who made numerous mecha shows over the years. The thing is, all of his work was nothing but a rehash of other people’s ideas and for all I see he never added anything new to the lot like the god of manga or the time traveller did. In fact, all his works seem almost identical to one another. So why the hell am... read more

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