ViVid Strike!

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2016
3.458 out of 5 from 1,187 votes
Rank #6,171
ViVid Strike!

Fuuka and Rinne lived in an orphanage. Together, as childhood friends who were like sisters, they endured a poor life as they dreamed of a bright future. However, the coming of the "second separation" was about to drastically change the fate of both Fuuka and Rinne…

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When i finished anime i was blown away. When i was starting to watch it i was like meh, this is gonna be bad. Didn't even think that this underrated anime had this much emotions and journey combined with sport which i love.Story: Story is about 2 girls Fuuka Reventon and Rinne Bellinetta that were always together since they were children and they only had each other. ( they were orphans ) And so one of the girls got taken away intro rich family and gets changed by the power and other is being left alone intro the world.Under some circumstances girl from rich family becomes boxing star just to prove to the world that she is strong, and she is trying to forget her past, even her friend from childhood. And other girl is trying to get her back as her friend. To me it's story kinda full of cliches and everything. 8/10Art: Art was something that got this show quite interesting, didn't expect such a great art. 10/10Sound: Sound was sometimes bad and sometimes good, they could get you hyped for fights only from songs.Thats why i give 9/10Character: Now this is what is core of this anime, kinda cliche characters but still they are like some kinda of motivation and you just keep watching show to see how will they progress and everything cause of their past. They rushed characters relationship at the end, and instead of seeing relationship we saw only 1/10 part of what should be shown. 7/10Enjoyment: As i said i was blown away by this show, didn't expect it to be this good, and yes i enjoyed almost whole show but last episodes they could explain it a little more and show characters relationship. 10/10Overall: 9/10 Now this is something you should see, especialy if you are fan of these story's where MC's are fighting with their past and getting from weak to strong. And if you like fighting this is right movie for you.  If you liked my review you could follow me on Anime-Planet as appreciation  :)

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