Viper's Creed

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Following a global war and climate change, 35% of Earth's land mass has sunk into the ocean. In this difficult time, countries rely not on armies but on private military corporations to provide security against constant terrorist attacks. One such company is Arqon Global Security, whose staff of mercenaries is tasked with protecting Daiva City on a pay-per-mission basis. Armed with motorcycles that transforms into weapon-wielding mecha, these "blademen" are none too popular with the people they protect - but they always get the job done!

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It seems this anime isn't all that popular and I can understand why. When I was watching it, it just didn't feel like a popular anime. The story itself wasn't all that bad, but it never quite felt like it was going anywhere important. At first introduction, the mercenaries of Viper squad are not all likeable. For one thing, they're mercenaries and the fact they're protecting the city simply for the money becomes apparent. The only member who isn't openly in it for the money is the stoic, almost prototypical Saiki who appears to want to protect the city at all costs. As the anime goes on, each of the members gets a couple of episodes of character development, ultimately showing they are human (often in rather cliched ways). In the end, you kind of grow to like these people. Unfortunately, this is never done for Saiki (at least not completely) who has been made out to be the main character of sorts. There's definitely a story behind how he lost his eyes and why he does contract security work and all that other stuff, but it feels like we never get to see what's underneath the surface when it comes to him. The other three members have their stories told and the motivations revealed, but he remains a mystery. It's kind of disappointing.  The actual quality of the show seems to be on par, more or less, with other animes with a medium to small budget. The manuever blades have some weird effects during fight scenes and there seems to be a lot of recycling of footage. Personally, I don't have a problem with it, but I did notice and I understand that it might bother some people. The voice acting is decent, but it isn't anything spectacular. Overall, the story starts out bland, has some interesting character developement, but ends up in a disappointing place. The side characters are interesting, but the two main characters seem one dimensional and/or cliched. Quality of the animation does leave something to be desired, but it could definitely be worse. You're probably not going to recognize any of the voice actors' voices, and I suspect that's a result of the overall budget of the production. In the end, it was something that killed time, but you're probably better off watching something else.

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