Violet Evergarden Special

Alt title: Violet Evergarden: "Kitto "Ai" wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou"

DVD Special (1 ep x 34 min)
4.233 out of 5 from 7,930 votes
Rank #252

Violet travels to an opera house to meet Irma, a talented songstress who asks for a fictional letter written by a woman to her lover that never returned from the war. Her client offers no direction for the project, and Violet finds herself continually trying, and failing, to deliver what Irma needs. As she struggles to complete her task, Violet continues to learn more about love, and the pain of losing someone you cherish.

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An OVA whose use, or rather lack there of, makes you wonder what was going on in this show’s production to create such a huge missed opportunity. Story - 3/10 This episode was supposed to appear between episodes four and five, and once the series ends you can see why it was left out.  In this special Violet is hired to write a letter that is actually meant to be the lyrics for an Opera song, performed by a woman who had also lost the one she loved in the war. Violet is unsure of how to write a song, but after reading the letters that never made it to those who died, she starts to see how to express emotions. It makes some sense as to why they omitted this episode, as it basically answers all Violet’s questions all at once. Instead of allowing her to learn about different emotions from those she works with, she instead gets everything from those letters, thus making the rest of the series somewhat pointless. Animation - 8/10 Obviously there aren’t any changes from the series itself. There are some very beautiful scenes of the city and train station that are real standouts in this show, and would be in almost any show. Sound - 5/10 All the sound was basically the same, except for the song Violet was hired to write lyrics for, which in itself wasn’t very good. One song that did stick out, and was used in the series itself a few times, was “The Ultimate Price,” the reason for it popping out to me was that it completely copies a riff that was used so well in the TV series X for the song “Destiny.“ Characters - 3/10 There really isn’t any change or growth in the characters from the series, and as I said it almost would throw you off as Violet then regresses back to form for the next (in order) episode, where she completely forgets what she learns here. Overall - 4/10 If this episode appeared at the end of the series it would make sense. Over the course of her work Violet has picked up on the feelings of all her clients, and now upon reading the love letters sent to those who have died, she is able to take those emotions and see how they relate to situations much like her own. Placing it where they were going to takes away from that growth, where Violet gets to truly learn those feelings for herself, and using it as an after series OVA just causes so much backsliding.  As for the episode itself, there really wasn’t any special about it. Again if it appeared as episode Twelve or so it could have been powerful, allowing Violet to finally see that she isn’t alone in her loss, but the delivery of the message was just a little lackluster.

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