Vinland Saga - Custom lists


All Anime Titles on Amazon India by Mayank

A list of all anime available on Amazon Prime Video, catalogued for regional availablity in India.

Top 10 anime of 2019 by RallyRally

This list is about my subjective top 10 anime of 2019. No spoilers.

Recommended by Gigguk by RoyalOss

As the title says, anime recommended by Gigguk, I added short summaries of his videos in the descriptions.

Anime Openings & Endings of The Decade (2010-2019) by knoxyal

The IMO best anime openings/endings of the decade (2010-2019), in chronological order.

Shows With Significant Character Development (or regression). by knoxyal

Recommendations/reviews of shows which feature characters that change dramatically as the story unfolds. The description contains spoilers.

Must watch Seinen/ Dark fantasy anime by NightTonight

If you like anime that has more mature themes, violence, action fuelled fights then recommend watching this. Not for the faint of heart. Other anime that do not match that are just action packed if you like watching great...

Amazing shows... by Oozaga

I've been around anime for more than 30 years but I've only really been binge-watching for the last few years. I normally have quite low expectations when it comes to the plot of an anime so it's normally the art and animation...

anime for older adults by Stela

grown-up characters and more complex themes; anime I appreciated as I got older because they had interesting things to say and food for thought, so this list leans towards the serious side, I guess

Must Watch Anime - The greatest plots by EnjuAiharaFan

None of these focus on comedy, but instead storyline and characters.