Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I'm Not the Demon Lord

Alt title: Akuyaku Reijou Level 99: Watashi wa Urabosu Desu ga Maou de wa Arimasen

TV (12 eps)
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I reincarnated into the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumielle's merely a side character, but after the ending, she reenters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character on par to the Heroes with her high stats!! Lighting a fire in my gamer's soul, and taking advantage of being left on my own in my parent's territory, I train! Train! And at the end of my training... By the time I enter the academy, I managed to reach level 99. Though I had planned to live out my days as inconspicuously and peacefully as possible, soon after entering the school, I'm suspected by the Heroine and Love Interests of being the "Demon Lord"...? 

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Villainess Level 99 is yet another otome isekai that's gotten an anime adaptation. It's not as dramatic or romantic as this season's 7th Time Loop or Doctor Elise, but it does serve well in the comedic aspect. ~ Story ~ The anime doesn't have much of an overarching story unlike previous titles mentioned. It's more of a school life anime focusing on the day-to-day events of Eumiella's life. Well, that is after we're introduced to her partway through the first or second episode, as the initial set-up is a parody of reverse harem fantasy school shoujo. Right away that showcased the anime's sense of humor. Anyway, most of the events are her making new friends, getting closer to her love interest, and facing some rejection from her classmates. It's not a very serious anime. But it's a cute casual watch that serves as a good palate cleanser if you need something fun.  ~ Animation & Sound ~ The animation for this anime is generally fairly solid. Not the best but not bad either. My only real complaint is the CGI which people have already pointed out but it's downright awful here. It's notably bad for some of the 'monster' or fantastical creatures. Definitely one of the weaker points of the animation, resulting in a somwhat lower score. It didn't detract too much from my watching experience though because the scenes where it appeared weren't as prevalent.  Next is the sound, which I think is generally pretty good. Naturally, all the voice actors sound good. The OP is a banger and the ED is pretty cute overall. I haven't really paid attention to the BGM/OST but it sounded fine to me. Nothing particularly notable but a solid anime OST overall.  ~ Characters ~ I absolutely adore the protagonist of this series. Eumellia is an adorable kuudere who's insanely strong and, for the most part, just wants to be left alone. I think she would be my favorite romance heroine this season. I have a soft spot for characters like her, though.  As for Patrick, I thought he was somewhat bland at first. He's not necessarily the most interesting male lead, but he's cute and genereally pretty likable. I think his plain-ness is intentional since he was meant to be a background character in-universe. As for his relationship with Eumellia, I personally liked it because it started out as purely friendship with no romantic intentions on either side. They do clearly develop crushes on each other, but it's nothing too exagerrated or grand thus far. This may make it a bit boring as it's a little understated compared to what I usually like. But I appreciate the idea behind it: the more subtle and realistic classmates to friends to lovers is cute.  The other characters aren't particularly likable outside of Eleanora who is surprisingly funny and dorky despite being the usual archetypal mean girl. The original female lead (Alicia) and love interests (especially Edwin) are deliberately annoying characters, albeit not as exagerratedly antagonistic here. They dislike the FL who was the protagonist was supposed to be the antagonist in the original game, so I guess it's in their code to not like her or something. Either way, its too bad there seems to be no potential of them getting better because it really limits the amount of likable characters in this anime.  ~ Overall ~ This is definitely an anime worth checking out if you prefer more comedy and subtle romance in your josei. Eumellia somehow combines girlboss with girlfailure with her extremely strong powers but subpar socials skills and etiquette. I personally found that to be part of her and the overall's charm, though.  I wouldn't say its anything particularly notable but it's a cute series. If you like the premise, I'd suggest giving it a try to see if the execution of it works for you.   ~ review written while on 8th episode; changes might be made later  


From what's a pretty generic premise, this anime managed to be pretty creative, and I'm really enjoying it. Starting off with an extremely common premise, someone is isekaied into a fantasy world and they're super powerful, I really didn't expect much from this anime, yet it's turning out to be one of my favorite Winter 2024 anime. The anime doesn't take itself seriously at all and Eumiella isn't the usual sort of all powerful protagonist I'd expect to see. It makes for an entertaining anime that's made me laugh a few times. I know there's a lot of these sort of animes that exist, but this one didn't follow what I usually see in these sort of animes. Eumiella is really powerful, but she doesn't think too much of it nor does she have some grand goal. She doesn't really carea about too much. Not everyone likes her and she's not all that great at everything, such as communicating. She's not liked by everyone, but she does make a close friend, Patrick, and we get to watch their relationship that turns romantic grow. There's a lot of ridiculous funny moments, but there's also some moments I'd consider realitvely sweet. What I like best is seeing Eumiella shock and scare everyone with her abilities, it's funny to me. I especially like seeing Eumiella besting Alicia and her crew of morons. Eumiella is a pretty likable character. She can be sort of dense, especially with communication/relationships, but I think this just adds to her character, and I'd consider her to be a good character. She's just trying to go by life peacefully but she's also extremely powerful. She acts so casual about her abilities which can make for some funny scenes, like as I said earlier, when she freaks everyone out. But there's also some more serious moments with her, as she deals with people not treating her nicely, but despite that, she doesn't let them get to her. She's a good protagonist. I also really liked the scenes with her and her dragon, especially when her dragon was chomping down on people's heads. The story isn't too complex or anything. It's basically just Eumiella's day to day life at the academy. Sometimes she has sweet bonding moments with Patrick, sometimes she's having to deal with the three idiots, tomato, blueberry and banana, and other times she's just messing around with her magic. All these scenes I've enjoyed and they almost always turn out to be funny. Though the story isn't complex or super interesting, what keeps me engaged is Eumiella's antics, her relationship with Patrick, and just the fact I like Eumiella. The animation is okay. The normal 2D animation is pretty good. Some of the character designs are a tad common looking, but they still look pretty good, and the flow of the animation is as well. As for the CGI, it's probably some of the worst CGI I've seen, especially the episode with the dragons. It's not anything that ruins the anime, but it definately stands out. The CGI does not blend well with the 2D at all. I'd say it's still tolerable though, it's not very frequent. It's not the most impressive of animes, but I'd say it's pretty good for this genre and exceeded my expectations.

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