Venus Wars

Alt title: Venus Senki

Movie (1 ep x 105 min)
3.302 out of 5 from 1,066 votes
Rank #10,879

Set in the 21st century on a recently terraformed Venus, Venus Wars is the story of a war between two opposing nations, and the effect it has on a group of teenagers. Dark and gritty, with an air similar to that of Akira, it focuses on coming of age during the midst of a planet's devastating war.

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The setting is Venus, which is cultivated so that humans can live there, but war broke out between two rivaling nations for supreme power over the planet. This is the plot that plays on the background, but the story focuses on a hotshot motorcycle biker (Hiro) his gang of underdogs, and a feisty reporter from earth (Susan). The storyline closely follows their movement, as they try to coop with the war, and decide to fight and film respectively. The movie's story is definitaly disjointed and it doest finish all the plottraits it starts at the end. Still, I do not think is is the worst thing possible: you need to watch this for the action and cheezy characters, not the story.  What really made an impression on me is the animation, which is really fluent and well done. This gives the diverse fights and flights an edge. Venus wars goes for a more realistic sci-fi setting (so no multicolored giant robots here) and has a diverse range of vehicles: giant tanks, huge airplanes and one-wheeled fighter-bikes which move and turn realistically. The character designs are typical 80ties, what may of may not be good depending on your taste. I found hiro's character design a bit bland (the typical hothead) but some of the more cartoony side characters reminded me of 'the castle of cagliosto', which is of course a compliment. The animation again was great and made the characters come alive with a lot of different expressions. The music was also typical 80ties, nothing really special. What I did like was the use of silence to accentuate more dramatic scenes. After an intense pursuit where the main character escapes every time, he is surrounded. The music stops and you know: he is not going to escape this time.The characters themselves are good, but most of them do not break the mold of the archetype. Something I really wondered about was why Susan was even there. She did not add much to the plot. At first I thought that she and hiro where destined to become lovers, but that never happens. Which is a plus for originality, but it makes her character a bit superfluous. The more humorous side characters are fun to watch. You really should watch 'the venus wars' for its good gritty sci-fi action. It shows its age, but the animation rivals some recent releases.  

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