Vatican Miracle Examiner

Alt title: Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

TV (12 eps)
3.029 out of 5 from 1,069 votes
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Vatican Miracle Examiner

In the heart of Vatican City, there is a secret organization dedicated to investigating reports of miracles. Robert Nicholas, an archivist and cryptanalysis expert, and Josef Kou Hiraga, a genius scientist, are members of the Assembly of Saints. As miracle investigators, they travel the world validating particular phenomena, only to uncover events tainted with conspiracy and deceit. With orders to find out the truth behind God's works, Josef and the fiercely protective Robert venture out into the unknown.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Positive *The first thing that I want to compliment VKC for is for them being completely unique. This anime was something totally new in the anime world for as far as I know. I can only remember one other anime that used catholicism or Western religion in general and that was Hellsing Ultimate. VKC felt like a completely new take on mystery anime. Now it was kinda special in terms of storytelling and I believe that’s why this anime wasn’t very popular. But it was quite brave from JC Staff to take on such a new concept and imo they did it well. For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page.  *And my second positive point is that this anime was well researched. For starters the Western Religion. In a Eastern country like Japan, there won’t be a lot of knowledge about Catholicism so learning about all these Western habits and saints and legends will have taken time and effort. Also besides the religious part, all the supporting elements like the science were correct. Now at times it was quite farfetched. At the end of the first arc they pushed it to the limit. What they used there was extremely farfetched but technically possible. Negative *Now besides the fact that the storytelling in VKC could have been better, told with more excitement, my largest problems occurred with Ryouta, Hiraga’s brother. First of all, the relationship between the brothers could have been used more. During the middle part of the anime, it’s completely neglected. And this could have been the excitement or the drama that this anime needed to become a lot more interesting. They would have made much better use of this relationship if there was constant development throughout the entirety of the anime. *And my second negative point was what happened all the way at the end of the anime. Without going into spoilers, why that one character did that one thing to Ryouta is a complete mystery to me. There was absolutely no reason why that character did what he did, it was even contrary to who he was in this anime. That was something that I had a lot of questions about when the final episode ended. Conclusion So as a conclusion, as an experiment, I think JC Staff was quite successful with VKC. Now it wasn’t a great anime and not one that I would really recommend watching but it was something new and refreshing in the world of mystery anime. So overall I’m going to rate Vatican Kiseki Chousakan at 3 stars, an average score. I can see why this anime wasn’t enormously popular but overall it wasn’t that bad. Not a much watch but if you want a fresh take on mystery then go for it.

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