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Unaired episode bundled with the 7th limited edition volume of the the Vassalord manga.

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I watched this on a whim so I didn't have any expectations because I had absolutely no idea what it was about! The story obviously suffered because the OVA is only 27 minutes long. It would have benefited hugely from being much, much longer. I feel parts did not get enough time focused on them and the explanation of things was rushed. However, I really enjoyed the action, mystery and overall darkness of the story. Character development could obviously not be done all that well either but I quite liked the two main characters Charles Chrishunds and Johnny Rayflo and their interactions with one another. Production I.G did a great job with the animation. Everything visually in Vassalord was beautiful. Watch this if you are a fan of Production I.G or just good looking anime in general. The sound was great too. I liked the voice actors chosen for the two main characters. Their voices fit the characters and they did a good job. The ED song Misunderstanding is a really pretty sounding song. It ended the OVA perfectly and was great to listen to as I reflected on what I had just seen. The animation and sound overall are of a high quality. Vassalord turned out to be a decent but too short OVA. I'm disappointed despite going in to the anime with no expectations at all. It kind of just felt like a promo for the manga. However, I want to read the manga now so I guess it did its job there! The OVA gives you a taste of what Vassalord is all about and it leaves you wanting more. I'd give it a 6/10, it just fell short of a 7/10. Please don't expect Vassalord to be anything special, just an anime that had some potential. I'm sure those who did read the manga before watching this enjoyed it more. Who knows, maybe when I've read the manga I'll feel differently...? If you're on the fence about reading the manga I think this OVA will give you an idea of what it's about and leave you with a stronger desire to read it. If you have nothing to watch and half an hour to kill then I suggest you watch the Vassalord OVA. It's not a bad anime at all and there are a lot of crappier anime out there that you could waste your time watching. Definitely watch it if you can't get enough of the supernatural (specifically vampires!).

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