Vampire Princess Miyu TV

Alt title: Kyuuketsuki Miyu

TV (26 eps)
1997 - 1998
Fall 1997
3.386 out of 5 from 2,542 votes
Rank #8,335

In the human world, there live demonic invaders named Shinma who prey upon the fragile souls of humans. The only hope for the humans is one of demonkind: Miyu, who is fated to destroy the Shinma and send them back to whence they came. Although half-human herself, as well as living amongst them as a typical high school student, she bears no compassion for those she saves, as well as condemns. Along with Larva, her subservient, Miyu sets out to destroy evil, one Shinma at a time.

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Vamprie Princess X-Files should be called. I thought this is one of the best Horror TV Shows I've seen, It combines the fact that she is an underworld agent/shinma which I always translated as "demon", and the fact that she is the good guy even though she has total disregard as humans, the whole series was good althought, an the middle, I thought if felt a little bit repetitive since is the same dynamic, Miyu always has a knack for runnin into shinmas without her seeking them. The ending was a little bit of a let down for me, seem like something that should've span two or three episodes like most self-respected anime, all in all it was a good experience on the same style as "The X-Files" for example. I really enjoyed it. not to mention that in anime you can watch the entire season or run in 3 - 4 hours as opposed as, let's say, the entire season 1 of "Breaking Bad" which will take 10 hours!!!!! If you're in America, a note of caution, I got a mini Box-Set with 3 DVDs in a slim case, very well made with nice graphics, with a semi-rigid plastic cover on all 4 sides that you slide up or down, This are not original releases but CHINESE COPIES, they look good on the outside, the case is very well done and everything, but the actual screen quality is very poor, the DVD menus are poorly done and include almost no extras, compared to the original release, so please, even thought this are very inexpensive and you can get entire seasons of an anime, only buy from known brands like "Bandai", "Viz", "Pioneer", etc. that way you get the best screen quality, which is really what matters in the end.


STORY SECTION: 3/10 Demon-like creatures seduce and corrupt humans in order to feed on their vanity and misery. A vampire-like heroine is hunting them and sends them back to the darkness… That is pretty much the story.95% of the episodes were stand alones, playing along the usual monster-of-the-week formula. The few scenario developments left me completely uninterested as I found them cliché and predictable. And nope; no conclusion either.Some could say that the story is good, as each episode has a very tragic story around human feelings and desires and it leaves no loose ends. But I personally consider one-episode stories to be just excuses for dragging a series on to infinity. There was indeed story potential, but it was left unattended. Pity! CHARACTER SECTION: 6/10 (spoiler alert!) What characters? 99% of all the people in the show had only one episode of screen time, where they were either killed by a demon’s schemes or thrown into eternal bliss by Miyu. They all had a tragic story but I was completely forgetting it by the start of the next episode.Miyu was indeed interesting as a character and could have easily been made into a cult figure if her story had developed any further than her original backdrop. Not that her story was any original, but her really sad existence boosted by some character development could have created a wonderful premise. I mean, fighting demons sounds cool. But being immortal sucks, having to see everyone around you die all the time can get you crazy, and drinking the blood of desperate people is dehumanizing. A hint of salvation or something other than these present could really have made her wonderful to watch.As for the support cast, it was boring. I didn’t give a damn about those freakish aids of hers, who didn’t have a past and were there just to talk with her and give her some simple advantage in battle. Not to mention the demons that were lame to look at, were being defeated in 1 minute and whose story was just creating tragedies for humans. How lame! ART & SOUND SECTIONS: 5/10 Gloomy, dark and depressing. They lacked any major details and can easily be seen as typical 90’s work. Nothing exceptional can be found in either motion fluidity, shadowing effects, special effects or even character figures. VALUE SECTION: 3/10 Without anything good to stand out, it easily becomes boring to look at and you will just end up paying attention to the tragedy in each episode… that you also end up forgetting in 10 minutes. Why should someone have to watch this ordeal all over again? It’s not as if he will appreciate anything more than the first time. Maybe it was indeed interesting 10 years ago but now that several similar series have been made, it is worthy of just being the first metaphysical psychological thriller. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 3/10 I was wishing for the series to end as quickly as possible. Neither the battles, nor the predictable storytelling were appealing. Some of the tragedies I still remember were ok but they sure don’t deserve the hype the series boosts about. VERDICT: 4/10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … of mediocrity. SUGGESTION LIST Boogiepop Phantom, Paranoia Agent, Mermaid Forest, Jigoku Shoujo, Monster, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. All these are far better metaphysical psychological thrillers.

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