Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Movie (1 ep x 102 min)
4.196 out of 5 from 13,540 votes
Rank #714

In the distant future, the world lies in ruin and vampires rule the land. Mercenary vampire hunters fight the terrible forces of darkness - for a price; the most notorious of them all being the half-vampire named D. However, despite his actions that help humanity, he finds himself shunned by those he would save. When a girl named Charlotte is kidnapped by the vampire Lord Meier, her father hires D to bring her back - dead or alive. Competing with the vampire hunting Marcus Brothers for the prize, D encounters Meier first; but in the middle of their confrontation, Charlotte calls out Meier's name in worry and Meier reveals that she is accompanying him of her own free will...

An adaptation of Vampire Hunter D novel #3, "Demon Deathchase" by Hideyuki Kikuchi

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VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Jan 22, 2008
Score 7.5/10

The same people who brought you brought us Ninja ScrollVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust a few years later - and it's obvious. On the plus side, this means visual delights abound; on the minus side, the movie is in essence a recycled idea. You'll get the same sort of pacing, same sort of structure to Ninja Scroll, just a darker tone... read more

WolfAngelus's avatar
WolfAngelus Dec 12, 2016
Score 8.5/10

The starting has a strong feeling of a Van Hellsing universe. As the story goes, it is clear that this is a very classical themed vampire universe that incorporates some of the oldest lore. Going forward, keep in mind that this was made in the year 2000. That being said, do expect the animation to be very old. Some might see this as the reason not to watch, but it actually has a very nostalgic feel and really... read more

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