Vampire Holmes

TV (12 eps x 5 min)
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Vampire Holmes

A handsome young detective named Holmes undertakes a secret mission from the Metropolitan Police of London to seek out and destroy the vampires that have been terrorizing the city. Accompanying him is his young assistant, Hudson, and Kira, his house cat—perhaps the cutest cat in recent anime history. Holmes is a private detective in name only; he uses neither reason nor logic to solve his cases. Let's say he relies on ... intuition.

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hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Mar 9, 2016
Score 1/10

This is basically a commercial for the game. A 12 episode commercial with a little drama, a little comedy, and absolutely no vampires. Holmes might be a vampire, but that's not really in the anime. Let's start with the story. Complex and riveting it is not, but what seem like random episodes do in fact come together at the end. It's kind of like watching an early M. Night Shamalamadingdong film, but without... read more

Ozgin's avatar
Ozgin Sep 2, 2015
Score 10/10

I think people are taking this anime way too seriously. It's supposed to be a simple comedy, not a second Death Note. The animation was average, or below average, and the graphics reminded me of MikuMikuDance. A mixture of 3D and 2D. Then again, let's take into consideration that the origin of the anime is a mobile app game. Just how significant can the budget be? Sure, there have been games that got better... read more



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