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Alt title: Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!

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Nov 11, 2018

While trying to catch up with Bloom into You, decided to give this one a look. The show is called My Maid is too Annoying! Well…more like My Maid Has a Lolita Complex, Call the Police! So the series concerns a young girl named Misha Takanashi, a half-Russian girl. Misha had become a recluse of sorts after the death of her mother, and she had the tendency to scare off potential maids by doing things such as burning the laundry; leaving banana peels everywhere. This changes when a 28-year-old woman named Tsubame Kamoi decides to take the job. The problem? Kamoi has a particular interest in young girls, happily taking the job because Misha was a cute little white girl at the time. Yeah..

So I saw this show floating around sometime after I had finished watching Happy Sugar Life, which was actually one of my favorites of the season. Now, many people have been off put because of the premise of the show. With comparing this show to HSL, I could see some arguments about it being pedophilic propaganda (even though I don’t really see that as the case). With Happy Sugar Life, that was kind of the point of the show. It was a horror anime, so of course, the relationship between Satou and Shio would be seen as disturbing. However, I will say that in the manga at least, Satou had made it clear that she was not going to engage in that behavior with Shio when her aunt asked Shio what she and Satou did together. That’s not completely removing the notion that Satou was grooming Shio - she undoubtedly was - but for the most part, their relationship was so ambiguous that at the end of the day, the director of the anime himself said that he felt that Satou’s relationship with Shio was maternalistic in some facets, but it was open in such a way that both interpretations could be potentially wrong or right. With that, I lean towards the notion that the relationship was familial. 

With UzaMaid, however…that is a whole other animal. Here, the fact that Kamoi has a raging Lolita complex is treated for laughs. While I believe that anything can be up for grabs at being joked about…I do agree that most of the moments in the show where Tsubame is massively perving on Misha are cringy as all hell. For instance? She lures Misha out of her room with a tray of food…while she herself was on the ceiling. She knows how much toilet paper Misha uses - as well as if she exceeded that amount. She takes Misha out into the woods while she was sleeping to go camping. Granted, she did get Misha’s dad’s permission to do so, but still. She even admits to Misha that she had a thing for girls who hadn’t started their menstruation cycle, and worse, she promises that she would love her even if she started her first period. To be honest, Misha’s reactions to Tsubame’s advances are what make these scenes funny: she is playing off Tsubame. What makes it even more funny is how Misha acts more like an adult than the actual adults in the setting. Her reactions to Tsubame are what any rational adult’s response should be to anyone who exhibits interest in children.

For characters, Misha is kind of bland. She’s your type of girl you’ve seen several times before who spends every waking hour from the time she gets up to when the sun goes down playing games. She is mischievous, refers to her father by his first name, and is generally embittered. Aside from those times that she plays off Kamoi, what makes Misha interesting is her history with her mother. As her mother had died some time ago, this would explain how much of an impact that it had had on Misha. She went from being a cheerful young girl to a secluded gamer who hardly left her room. 

With Tsubame, there are some interesting things about her such as how she was a former Air Self-Defense Force veteran who had lost her father when she was a young, much like how Misha lost her mother, and she is absolutely ripped. I mean, holy smokes. 

If you hadn’t had a fetish for muscly women, well you might have one now. She also has the side interest of making dresses, but that is where the problems lie with her. As I have already stated, she has a raging Lolita complex. To be honest….nothing about it is really funny on its own. To me, Kamoi’s humorous tendencies only work because Misha is there to give the proper reaction to them. Without Misha’s contribution, these moments fall directly on the cringy side. I mean, there are moments where she is shown looking at other young girls with such enthusiasm that she practically was drooling. She admits to having a thing for young girls who hadn’t had their periods yet. She even has imagine spots where she has Misha sign marriage papers. Just…none of this is really funny if Misha wasn’t there to play the straight man. 

Misha’s father is more of a minor character, but he’s fine. His whole character is trying to reconnect with his daughter after his wife’s death, and he often gets so happy when his daughter acknowledges him, he one time called for a chef to make sushi to commemorate the moment. There is also one of Misha’s classmates who takes an interest in going to  Misha’s house in episode 4…even though Misha just remembered that she had Tsubame as a maid. Thankfully, nothing too bad happened. Guess that proves that Tsubame has some reservations. Misha also has a pet ferret that acts as Misha’s eyes and guards a room that most likely belonged to Misha’s mother before she died. 

Overall, the show is a hit or miss. I’m not really opposed to it because of the premise of it as that kind of humor is subjective and some would be understandably unsettled by it. As for myself, I might drop the show at some point, but I doubt it’s trying to push a propaganda.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Dec 21, 2018

Although not the best Anime. It does withstand other 'Yuri' Loli Anime.

The story line isn't the best nor the animation, It sure does have a comedic and strong characters in it. I would reccomend this Anime if you looking for a light hearted one.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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May 8, 2022

It was a really good show, but It was kind of weird. But atleast it was realist because there is people like that. And this is my first time seeing a Lolicon before. It was pretty interesting though. 

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Mar 26, 2019


 I enjoyed this anime a lot, it's funny and i could watch many episodes in a row without getting bored. It's a light comedy but the last 2 episodes are deeper making the anime more meaningful without losing the funny side of a comedy. I recommend this anime especially if you like loli/lolicon genre.

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Dec 22, 2018

Our housemaid is so annoying!“ is a comedy about yuri lolicon woman and the target of her affections, a little Russian blond girl, who lives alone with her stepfather, after her mother died. However, is it funny? Yes, it has its funny moments underlined by necessity of constant vigilance on the girl part against advances of the maid to cuddle or even to propose marriage. Let’s just call the police. The series is somewhat self-aware and makes that “I’m calling the police” jokes from time to time. There is also the fact, that the maid is quite muscular ex-millitary, which makes things even more ludicrous. I would say the series tries to go for over the top in regards to comedy. Luckily the anime has only 12 episodes so it ends at the right spot, before it gets too repetitive. It uses usual tropes to increase longevity of comedy by adding side characters be it classmates of the girl or crazy former colleague of the maid. Overall the character pool is very small. It tries to even establish some kind of main story, especially towards the end, even if it is painstakingly obvious nothing is going to change in the end.
If you really want to go with the OP theme look for live video clip, where the part of the maid is played by Reika Saiki, female professional body builder. It’s something you don’t see so much often. It’s something you can’t unsee either. Anyway both opening and ending is ok.
I would recommend the series for anyone, who wants change of pace from usual shows for some fun and doesn’t mind yuri undertones in the series. Overall the series is ok. It has little of lasting value, therefore I would consider this as one time watch.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall