Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! - Reviews

Alt title: Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

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Sep 8, 2020

This review is based on Uzaki-chan's first episode, simply because I have dropped the anime and I probably won't watch the rest until it's complete.

"Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai" or "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out" is a fanservice-y dumpster fire.

This opinion is based on slice of life anime as a whole, where the first episode is USUALLY what you should expect from the rest of the series.

Story: 2

This anime simply doesn't HAVE a story. It just follows a loli with large tits who annoys the MC, which I will talk about later. If this is a story to you, I must tell you, good sir/lady, watch something like Death Note, Dragon Ball, or even Naruto for some good story. 

Animation: 8

I can't exactly diss the animation of this, because the norm is very good in today's day and age. If this was animated like anime from the 90's, we'd just be R U N N I N G I N T H E 9 0 ' S ! But seriously, the animation of the characters is very simple and normal for this type of anime, as well as the setting animation. I feel like the animation is really the only good part of the show.

Sound: 5

The sound design is OK. The opening I actually don't mind. It sounds very similar to the type of songs like "Motteke! Sailor Fuku!", which I personally don't mind. (Dude, the Lucky Star OP is a vibe prove me wrong)
The background songs go unnoticed for me, partially because I'm trying to watch the anime rather than listen to sound. The other reason is they're just not very "catchy" or "vibey", like the Persona 4 OST.

Characters: 3

Uzaki is just, like I said before, an annoying loli with large tits. Nothing more, nothing less. For her name, it works. (I'm not a Japanese speaker but Joey or The Anime Man, who is, said this on the Trash Taste Podcast) Her name is a play on "uzai" which means annoying. But if you don't like Uzaki, you won't enjoy this. (me included.)
Sakurai is just a copypasta anime protag. Again, nothing more, nothing less. He does nothing, which honestly, I don't even mind. If he was like Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite, where he had a persona he put on but secretly was the opposite of what he put on.

Overall: 4.5

If you don't like Uzaki as a character, you won't like this show. If you want to watch this for the ecchi, watch AkiSora. If you want hentai, watch Itadaki Seieki, Shion if you like tentacles, or something like JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai. Characters are boring, sound is mediocre, animation is pretty good but in today's day and age, nothing special.

Final notes:

If you want to waste time, watch this show.
If you want a good anime, don't watch this, watch something like Death Parade, Death Note or Tokyo Ghoul if you're getting into anime.
This anime is really only for horny-on-main teens and degens. I quite literally watched it to see how boring it was.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Aug 25, 2020

It follows the eponymous Hana Uzaki who is at first delighted to be at the same college as her classmate from high school Shinichi Sakurai. But when she sees that he has a rather mundane lifestyle, she decides to take it upon herself to hang out with him.

I get that there was some slight controversy of the series because of some moral guardians being critical of Uzaki's design. If not for her...assets, she would easily be confused for maybe a high school or elementary school kid. Her being short not helping matters. But...the show establishes that she is a young adult as in reaching her 20s at best.

Pushing the controversy aside, thus far the characters are very enjoyable. There's Uzaki herself for starters. She is energetic and preppy as well as a Grade A troll who loves to mess around with Shinichi. She has the potential to be annoying, but she squarely falls under the "not too obnoxious" side for me partially because it is a more fun kind of annoying wherein the character or characters are the ones being irritated by her antics.

But she also has her good side. There are moments where she does unwittingly drive Shinichi off the deep end and she apologizes. Ultimately she does have a good heart where she wants to ensure that Shinichi does live fully.

Shinichi is a good foil. He tends to want to be by himself and enjoy that time and when Uzaki intervenes, you can understand his frustration with her. But he does find himself slowly enjoying being around Uzaki. Despite this, he does have a softer side such as loving cats and dogs. It's unfortunate that because of the perpetual scowl on his face, he comes off as imposing.

Supporting characters include Ami, her father, and Shinichi's only friend. Ami works for her father at his cafe where Shinichi works largely because of how attractive he is. This comes across as interesting in terms of Ami: she lusts after Shinichi because of his physique, but much like her father, she is a passive watcher of Uzaki and Shinichi taking an interest in seeing their relationship bloom.

Sakaki is Shinichi's friend who is a ladies' man who also takes an interest in the relationship because he wants Shinichi to get a girlfriend which puts him in conflict with Ami due to him wanting to take an active approach in getting them together. He's kind of sleazy to me, but that's from a minor glance. He may get better over the course of the series.

 The animation and voice work is also good as well as the sound effects. Overall, a good watch.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 26, 2020

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out! is your typical run of the mill Slice of Life college romcom. I've known Uzaki-chan since last year reading the manga and I'd say the anime does well in adapting the manga loyaly.

The selling point of the story and the biggest laughs to me come from the comical relationship between the main character and Uzaki, the girl you either love or hate, sadly I'm the latter. 

I'm a big lover of lame slice of lifes and ecchis but this anime didn't give me much satisfaction on either. Unless the the couple pick a fight with each other the episodes tend to rely on cliches, they drag and feel boring. The ecchi and fanservice are generic, too little or to played safe for my perverted tastes.

Character animations are servicable while background arts are either weak or borrowed live shots.

If you really love Uzaki this anime is for you. If you can't stand her, there's nothing special to watch here.

An Okay-ish anime at best

7/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 16, 2020

Don't let twitter influence you, this show is more than just Uzaki's body. While the animation and sound are nothing too special, they don't detract from the show either. That being said, the OP is actually enjoyable (this coming from the guy who skips about 95% of OPs because they are unintersting), at least when watching it once a week. Where this show really starts to shine is in the characters and story. The common -- and, frankly, exhausting -- drama that is overdone in romance anime is virtually non-existent here; instead, we are given a fairly realistic relationship growth between college friends. Yes, there is light drama, but it never feels forced or unnatural. This is likely because the characters don't feel particulary forced or unnatural either; rather, it feels as though these characters could exist in the real world, and act in the same ways they do in the show. Overall, I'd say this was my favorite romance of the season, and I am looking forward to season two.

P.S. I love how twitter got on its high horse about how "unrealistic" Uzaki is physically, given how realistic her personailty is. Way to judge a woman by her body, twitter.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 5, 2020

Shinichi is a simple guy and just wants to do things on his own but Hana is a little troublemaker who simply can't leave Shinichi alone. As much as Shinichi complaints about Hana, he does start to appreciate her more. As the series progresses, we do learn more about how their relationship came what it is.

I guess the main focus of the show is to explore the relationship between Shinichi and Hana. How long will it take before they start confessing to each other?

There is some funny banter between the characters with quite a few cool moments but there is also a fair bit of screaming and quite awkward moments that turn the show into a mediocre experience.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall