Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

Alt title: Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro

TV (28 eps)
3.573 out of 5 from 386 votes
Rank #4,746

Chaos has taken hold of the land in Mask of Truth as a conniving general has unlawfully seized the throne of the mighty Yamato Empire. The only ones that stand in his way are a couple of familiar faces who must rally different kingdoms together and fight against the powerful Imperial army. 

Source: Atlus

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This was better than the 2nd season which was very bad.  At least this time they took out all the nonesense that plagued the second season which brought down the entire franchise.  My problem with this, as it has been with some other anime, you have a bad guy who kills on a massive scale and you let him go so he can do it again.  ***SPOILER*** All the misery caused at the last 20% of the season was caused by not killing Woshis (who was the cause of all the misery and evil deeds done in the 2nd and 3rd season), which never makes sense to me.  You know someone who has killed, assassinated, murdered, slaughtered, tortured, experimented on .... etc etc... and you just go ohh I feel sorry for him because of this stupid reason or that foolish reason so we will let them live so they can kill on an even greater scale.  So if they had done what was right and killed him, the capital would not have been destroyed with many innocents, the survivers would not have been turned into monsters, Haku would not have had to sacrifice himself, Kuon would not have succumbed to grief and let the power within let loose, Haku and Kuon could have been together, and so on.  All because you let an evil person continue doing evil when you had the power to stop it.  It makes NO sense and is utterly stupid on all kinds of levels.  It is different if you do not know who the bad guy is, the evil doer, etc, and you are trying to fight them or figure out who they are and then defeat them, it is another to let evil run wild because of ones own foolish opinion to let the killer free.  Same with Maroro, as soon as there was  the opportunity to kill that nut, he should have done so, so many others would not have had to die otherwise.  Yes, I am aware of the creature that was put in his head by Woshis which distored his views, but letting him live over and over to kill others, slaughter and take over a city, destroy a bridge that was irreplaceable (no modern tech to do it), and he would have killed the friends if he had the chance... but so many died because you did not kill him the multiple times you had the chance to do so.  As I said a lot of stupid actions by the characters throughout this season which lead to the death of most of the population of the country.   This makes for a weak story with weak characters, unlike the first season.  In my opinion the anime should have ended with the first season before being dragged down by the next two seasons.  


Utawarerumono is finally over, and its a bit of a left down. although the core of the story was good and there was some solid character moments  the show still fumbles on many portions of the overall adventure. the timeline was very jumpy, certain moments and powers arent really explained, plot holes and questions remain unanswered and the wizard of oz behind the curtain adn the climax feels lackluster and very rushed. that being said if youre really want to know how it ends after the first seasons massive cliffhanger then by all means watch it but with low expectations. otherwise its a solid B tier show to watch so give it the 4/5 episode test if the characters just annoy the hello out of you the drop it the mid point of this season is both worst and bast part of the show. okay now for those who want a more deatiled spoiler free review here it is. edit: holy shit i was wrong about it being over soon, that being said it didnt get better in my opinion  it got much worse. Nothing like a generic end of world scenario that comes out fo left field to wrap the show  up in a trash bag   i will be gentle with the animation since they kept it similar to the first season which was already an almost retro mid 2000 feel.  that being said clay pudge on the screen never looks good and there arre scenes that just throw immersion out the window with how off the look.  the sound was... mid i dont remember the OP or EP at all which means i skipped them which mean i didnt like them.  every scene felt flat and empty despite whole battles were raging, and busy markets existed. the only redeeming thing was some of the VAs killed some scenes now the characters are really the hard part here, some times they are S tiered complex and interesting but the majority of the time they are either monkey brained bimbos or cliche troupe central. theres also a hint of harem again making my eyes dislodge from the socket from me rolling my eye in how far from left field it was. that being said there are some very good moments that are i wish there was more of. it felt like the good charactrer moments of GOT or breaking bad i just couldnt get enough of them. but sadly they were few and far between, muddied by the cliche trash the bogs down every anime now  finally the story, this show needed time much more time to flesh out side stories and expand the knowledge the viewer had of the show. more happens in the first 4 epsiodes than in half of the first seaon when they are on the snow village. characters never make an appereance some just show up out of nowhere and others that are crucial to the end of the story are never given any meaning full screen time. theres almost zero decomopressing just next arc next arc next arc , which made the whole thing feel incredibly rushed and choppy. since the episodes them selves felt very slow while the whole world moved around them.   honestly im pretty bummed i wanted this show to be good and i wanted it to end well. but other than the character and story problems i mentioned it has the major issue of being sourced off of a manga published in 2005 meaning all the over used troupes and stories that have been over done throughout the years(think our version of isekai which this is technically an isekai but whatever) are here but now weve got years of modern and old shows that do the same exact thing and either do it better or are the same average show. so if you reading this before you watch the first season then dont watch it unless you just really enjoy this kind of show. welp that it if you made it this far thanks for the read and i hope you enjoy your next show and have a good one!

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