Utawarerumono DVD-BOX Tokuten Short Episodes

DVD Special (4 eps x 7 min)
2006 - 2007
3.718 out of 5 from 1,158 votes
Rank #2,977

Though he spends the majority of his time wandering the vast palace or completing dull administrative duties, Hakuoro still occasionally finds time to kick back and enjoy time with his friends. While stealing food with Oboro, Hakuoro finds himself in trouble with an upset stomach and only one place to go – but who of the duo will go first? Meanwhile, Kamyu continues causing headaches for Munto after slipping out unannounced, but a dip in the bath with the girls will help calm the situation. But the mischief doesn’t end there! After being entrusted with one of Touka’s beloved dolls, Hakuoro’s over-enthusiasm leads to its beheading. Is there time to repair it before she returns, or is it time to pass the blame to someone else?

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