Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions

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Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions

Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions continues after the end of Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000% when budding boy band ST☆RISH wins the Uta Puri Award for best new rookie group. All seems well for them and Shining Agency’s other group QUARTET NIGHT, but soon an opportunity to perform in the opening ceremonies of an international sports festival surfaces. It’s group against group in a fierce battle that will take more than 2000% to win; it will have to be a LOVE REVOLUTION!

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As an Uta-Pri fan who has watched this series and every prequel as they came out, I have to say that I'm not impressed by the latest addition to this title. While the addition to the series presents great animation and sound as always, both 1000% and 2000% were more in-depth in that the characters actually had meaningful encounters and relationships with each other. While the newest series is not yet complete, so far Revolutions offers ultimately no meaningful events or developments. In fact, the series is rather episodic. It doesn't matter what order you watch the episodes- and every episode feels like deja-vu. Every episode, we see a new group (which the head of the agency slapped together seemingly at random), who Nanami follows in the hopes of creating the perfect song for them, they encounter a bump in the road, come back together through Nanami, and then they finally sing about how awesome they are. Frankly, this cycle has grown tiresome, and it's getting harder and harder for me to keep watching, 10 episodes in. This series has grown extremely frustrating in that there just doesn't seem to be any significance or development in any of the episodes. Every week I watch a new episode and wonder why I wasted 25 minutes hoping for some sort of development when I know there won't be until the last episode. This frustration is because of several reasons. First, each episode, in and of itself, is extremely predictable at this point. I already went into the baseline plot of each episode, and there's not much more to them. Second, the band members are forbidden to have romantic relationships with Nanami, which has so far translated into her simply (and rather unexcitingly) learning about them and translating that to music, every single episode. Lastly, the audience has no reason to be attached to the characters, save for the blatant fanservice, because they have no time to do or say anything meaningful. Ultimately, the biggest flaw in this addition to the Uta-Pri title is that there is not enough screen time for any character to come out at the end of the series any different than the beginning- and I think fellow viewers will agree with that. There are simply too many characters in Revolutions to focus on any one for more than an episode at a time, what with the 7 STARISH members, the 4 Quartet Knight members, Nanami, and everyone else in the agency, and they are indeed shown sporadically. The addition of new major characters, pointedly the addition of Quartet Knights, was a huge risk, and is indeed critical to the resulting dissappointment factor- It feels like this anime is having to focus more on character screen time/fan service than the plot, in this sense. And it's not even GOOD screen time- The number of times the musical groups just repeat a random line with a smoldering shot, it's blatantly obvious that the creators are just depending on fan service and are more focused on getting each character as much screen time as possible than developing a meaningful plot behind their journey to get into the SSS. Story- 3/10, simply because it is too episodic, and there is no sense of deeper meaning behind the ending of getting into the SSS that we all already know they will succeed in doing. Animation- 10/10, because it is bright, colorful, crisp, and overall aesthetically pleasing. Sound- 9/10, because while all the songs sound great (it is a music anime after all), there is really no difference in their meanings between every single episode. They're ultimately just character songs. Characters- 5/10, which I feel is generous given that there are way too many of them, which has adversely impacted the time each one had to do something other than stand there and look pretty.


As much as I loved the past two seasons, this season was utterly disappointing in comparison. Many contributing factors to the show in previous seasons seemed non-existent in the third and overall, the content and general feeling of the show has now become shallow and lacking in interest. The storyline was already striving to maintain an indepth level of content with the now seven members of Starish, and adding another four characters into the mix just dissolved any remaining feeling of unity between the episodes. Each episode became mostly made up of someone having a minor problem and then having Haruka say a few vague lines that generally meant the same thing every episode to solve the problem.The emotional build up between episodes leading to the final concert seemed basically non-existent. All of the episodes failed to generate much of any kind of feeling, both towards the characters and the storyline. The season itself lacked much of the excitement, humor, suspense, and just general enjoyment that the previous seasons had. The amount of silence or lack of talking between both full scenes and even between the lines themselves seemed to have greatly increased this season. It felt like the script for each episode could have been written out on a single page with the amount of pauses, "thinking" moments, or scenes intended to build tension thrown in. Aside from failing to build a connection with the audience, the amount of silence was probably also a contrubuting factor to the shallow storyline this season. The love story factor of the first season has now also almost been completely faded out. You only see occasional glimpses of anything relating to the original plot of the story in a few of the episodes and even then they're only background actions played out by other members of Starish while the main focus characters of the episode talk in the foreground. Basically, they've abandoned involving any part of the original romance in the storyline. The ending in particular was especially infuriating. The entire first half of the last episode is a repeat of Quartet Night's song that was already shown in the previous episode, followed by about twenty various characters of the show saying one line about the performance. It seemed to drag on forever with no real point or content added to the story. By the time Starish actually performed, Quartet Night had alreadly taken up about an entire episode's worth of talking and performing by this point. Starish's song itself (unlike previous seasons) didn't even end up showing the judges' or crowd's responses whilst the song was playing, so it was over after thirty seconds of starting. That's all they got after the entire season. About a minute of stage singing, not even a bunch of irritating one line comments from twenty different characters like their rivals had had. It was super disappointing. The most infuriating thing above all though is the last few minutes of the season, where Heavens from the previous season suddenly show up with four new members and perform as well, taking up basically the entire ending of the show which had nothing to do with them up until that point to begin with. To finish the whole season off, they don't even announce who won in the end, thus adding the cherry on top to the already heaping mountain of disappointment that was the finale. If a fourth season does end up being produced, I can't see how they'd manage to create any kind of working storyline with the now (I'm assuming) eighteen different guys who will probably be after Haruka's song writing. I wish I could say I had high hopes for the next season in the respect that it would fix most of these problems and return much more to how it used to be but I can't imagine it by this point.


I love the two prequels of utapri, and im a big fan to the music as well as the characters and their devolpment. However , I have to say I am thoroughly disaponted in this season, it did not meet the expectations I had , and I bet many others had when we learned of this new seasons. It did not pick off the tourch that had been lit from the 1st season , which was continued in the 2nd, it just burnt out, or should I say is very dim close to burning out, I hope that at least a new season would bring back that bright flame and wow us again with its infamous songs and spirit. I expect when they make the new season it would be good, since on the last episode they said "see you again" which was done similarly on the 2nd season.  Story:  The reason I gave this a low rating was , although we cant expect a deep storyline in this type of show, it still did not dissapoint with the first and second season. Although , storys like these are predictable they brought anticipation and a felling of "oh , I want to see how this plays out" . Even if you know the final destination you still had fun and joy watching the path in which they took to reach it.  for Revolutions , I knew they were going to focus on quartet nights back stories and relationship with nanami , but come on how much more predictable can you get. ther was no surprises, and it still felt starish was neglected a little too much . I can't even put my dissapointment into words, it was just bad . But i still pushed through it trying to see how it would lead to a good song. but that was a let down.... Animation : This aspect was consistant just like the previous 2 season, so I had no complaints.  Sound: Now what utapri was famous for was catchy songs that touched your heart, and ones that you can sing along to. Every song , solo , or as a group was just right to the storyline , their personalities and everything else. The first and second season once you heard the song play once , it was a hit. You would download it straigh away and sing it. Favourites like Believe heart, Mirai no chizu , Moonlight, maji love 1000% and 2000% concert song, heavens, poison kiss . the list goes on and on, you can't say there was a bad song. For revolutions however, you can say it lacked the very special factor that got you singing along , bobbing your head or crying to the beautiful songs from starish and others.  since the sotryline was lacking and predictable in revolutions i would have to skip to the songs to help my opinion of the episodes but the songs were just there. Besides tokiya and masatos duet song which was the closets i feel to the old utapri, the rest were blank , lacked luster , was not utapri at its finest. The only song that i wanted to listen to was heavens , which I already knew from 2nd season.  Characters: As a mention the storyline went more into the quartet night characters but you sort of seen the surface of their issues and personalities from the previous seasons so again the main problem that each member had to fix , to be able to sing nanami's song and become a better version of them , was just predictable and boring. Again starish's screentime was lost so we couldn't see more into their personalities or their relationship with nanami. Intial when i knew about the 3rd seaosn , viewing the message on season 2 and then reading about it , i was under the impression that it would focus more on the dynamic between each starish member and nanami , and more into the forbidden love aspects, so i was surprised.  well even though this season didn't do it for me im still a die hard utapri fan , so I will continue to wait for the next utapri maji love 4000% :P  PS: Note: all my opinions , no need to take it to heart my views and such. 

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