Ushio and Tora TV

Alt title: Ushio to Tora TV

Ushio and Tora TV

Ushio and Tora TV Episode 9 - Mad Wind

Ushio and Tora head for Sendai City. However, suddenly, Ushio's screams rattle the city. He realizes that the money that his father had given him for the trip is missing. At the moment of despair, they run into two Kamaitachi siblings, Raishin and Kagari, who ask a request. They take Ushio and Tora to a house in the mountains, where they are asked an unbellievable request.

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The Fate that Brings Ushio And Tora Together image

Episode 1

The Fate that Brings Ushio And Tora Together

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Episode 2

Rock Eater

The Demon That Dwells in the Painting image

Episode 3

The Demon That Dwells in the Painting

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Tora Goes to the City

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Episode 9

Mad Wind

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Episode 10

The House Where the Child Lives

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Mirror of a Single Strike

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The Road to the Touno Youkai Battle ~Part One~

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epicrevenge epicrevenge says

Ushio to Tora is a new shounen anime based off a 90s manga, so if you've just finished the 1992 shounen anime Yu Yu Hakusho and have no idea what to watch to fill the void then be sure to check out Ushio to Tora for more supernatural adventures. Or if you are really enjoying Ushio to Tora then check out the classic Yu Yu Hakusho.

Both anime are full of great comedy and awesome action involving an average teenage boy gaining supernatural powers and taking on demons and youkai! While there are similarities, there are also many differences so neither are a rehash of another and will be a fresh 90s experience with quality animation, memorable characters and old school music. If you enjoyed the vibe and themes of one of them, then the other is definitely worth checking out.

egon0044 egon0044 says

They share the supernatural/spiritual aspects and themes, the main characters are practically the same but with key differences, and they both have a loud but strong sidekick.



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Quindora Quindora says

The basic story is the same for both InuYasha and Ushio and Tora. A teenager who lives at a shrine falls into a hole of some sort and ends up freeing a demon. Said demon must now help the human kill other demons. The demon comes to like the human and help them of their own free will. (It seems that after being stuck in one spot for centuries causes certain demons to enjoy the company of humans.)

egon0044 egon0044 says

Tone down the love angle and ramp up the fighting demons and spirits and you have the same show, magical weapon and all.

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Funkgun Funkgun says


ZAP!  Buh-dump, Buh-dump...

80/90's revival time! Are you enjoying Dragonball being back on TV?  Did you get the flicker of warmth and nostalgia for an era while watching it?

Guess what? we have another old gem that has been dug up out of the shonen suitcase. It is a former manga and 90's OAV that in the same manner of Hunter X Hunter, might end up being a worth revival. 

Simple action and fun to watch, both of these titles pay off with what you would expect. 

Oh and if you have not seen DBS and are watching Ushio, I'd also recommend it back the other way.