Usavich Zero

TV (13 eps x 2 min)
3.031 out of 5 from 55 votes
Rank #13,571
Usavich Zero

A prequel to Usavichi.

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Bipedal inmate bunnies in episodic situations attempt to make prison life better. Sometimes by trying to break-out, sometimes by amusing themselves with harming a fellow inmate, and sometimes by harassing the guards. First five episodes focus on factory-line worker activities. Like in any job some work much harder than others. From painting bombs, hammering crates, to robot assemblage and some other stuff. Then it delves into some other stuff, mainly one character’s obsession with shoes, toilet humor, and prison guards’ drive to remain in power. The bunnies cause themselves physical damage in a very cartoony way. When explosions go off everything but the characters are destroyed. The bunnies are left unharmed except for their psyche. Which may or may not have been intact from the start. This anime’s enjoyable for a quick laugh but the appeal of imprisoned bunnies isn’t all that high. The animation’s likely the product of a newbie team trying out their skills with these 1 minute 30 second story-lines. Or perhaps a veteran’s pet project for a larger more impressive anime out there somewhere or still in the creative process. Though the possibility that it is also the result of some free time cannot be overlooked. Overall the shading in episode 5 is perhaps the aspect that stands out the most. Prison cells can be measured in inches and the light that reflects off the bricks as the bunnies rest is screensaver quality. The gradation from the walls to the floor to the reflection upon the uniform touches something in this reviewer. Episode 6 in its entirety stands apart from the other 12 for the expert use of sound. Describing it without spoiling why it works so well would be shameful. Really it needs to be experienced but here’s a few hints Snoring Ribbets Stomping Looking for something to fill 20 minutes but don’t want to start a movie or a single TV ep? Give this a shot.

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