Urusei Yatsura Movie 5: The Final Chapter - Reviews

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Mar 7, 2011

**PS-I don't recommend watching this Urusei Yatsura film unless you have seen a good amount of Urusei Yatsura since you don't want to cheat yourself out of a experience and after all this is the true ending to Urusei Yatsura

Story-Long ago, before Lum and Ataru met (before they were born, even), Lum’s grandfather made an agreement. After being tricked by a merchant into eating a poisoned mushroom, he traded his granddaughter-to-be’s hand in marriage for an antidote. Now, 120 years later, Lum has grown to a marriageable age, and the merchant has come to collect his due! When Lum is kidnapped, Ataru must go on a planetary chase to get her back, initiating a sequence of events that will end the adventures of the Tomobiki gang once and for all…

Sound-I can't say anything really for this department since the actors usually do a good job for the voice acting. As for music its great as usually too since the song "Suki Kirei" used in the film portrays the movie well and is pretty catchy.

Art-The animation in this Urusei Yatsura film is just wonderful and above avg for my standards. But the only thing that kinda gets me is the colors and the lighting don't seem to be that well if you compare them to the earlier films. Besides all that minor stuff like the lighting and what not I like how they stayed true to Ms.Takahashi's art style used in her final books since it's literally watching her art come to life.

Characters- It's pretty much your same Urusei Yatsura cast of Lum,Ataru, and the Tomobiki gang but also a few new additions added. As for the character designs I just love em. If you compared Lum from this movie to Lum in ep 1 of the series you will notice a huge difference in both psychically terms and mental terms. As said before not just Lum changes but most of the the characters become more mature in body and mind.I believe they did that is because it somewhat reflects on Ms.Takahashi's art in the final books and to show that all that time did pass by in the series and that this is the final ending.

Conclusion-The ending for this Urusei Yatsura film is usually a topic of criticism for fans. Many fans didn't like how Ms. Takahashi left the ending so open since they would have probably liked to see Ataru and Lum get married after watching hours of Urusei Yatsura. But to me I think its pretty good since the characters aren't out of high school just yet and why have Ataru strapped down already? Have him live his life a bit more before settling down is what I would say to the haters of the ending. As for a emotional level guys like you and me have a natural instinct to hold tears back during a sad movie,anime or what not but in this occasion i don't hold them back at all. No matter how prepared I am during a re-watch the tears come pouring out. If your not a Urusei Yatsura fan you may wonder whats so sad? I would answer noting in particular since this movie holds a good amount of comedy and drama but the personal meaning to me is just too much. Whenever I re-watch this film's ending im saying sayonara(good bye) to all these characters that were with me for most of my life. So as the characters of Urusei Yatsura move freely across a gate im unable to pass due to it closing on me. Thus the Cast of Urusei Yatsura is able to start another adventure but i wont be able to follow them anymore.

But before I leave I turn back to the gate and say "Sayonara" to all my friends...


10/10 story
9.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.8/10 overall