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Fall 2017
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Harajuku... The place where culture, kawaii, and fashion come together. Three high school girls Rito, Mari, and Kotoko are planning to open a temporary store called Park. One day, aliens from space come to Earth to take away the culture of humans. That’s when a mysterious girl who calls herself Misa appears. Now, in order to protect the Harajuku that they love, these three girls must be prepared for anything!

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First thing i should probably point out is that this show is made and aimed at a younger audience, so there is a huge chance if you belong to an older demographic you won't like it. So now you might be asking yourself, why did you bother watching the whole thing and writing a review for it if you obviously don't belong in that group, aren't you just being a drama queen hater, don't i have anything better to do with my life? the answer to that is very simple. i started the show because of that basterd GenSan forced me to watch it through the Lottery game, so just blame GenSan. and the reason i bothered with writing a review is just to satisfy my damned ego. and no, i don't have anything better to do with my life. Now that we got all of that out of the way let's talk Urahara, when i think of this show the first word that comes to mind is "Creative", but at the same time, it's the last word i'd associate with that show, so from here on i'll refer to it as "Craetive". so what does "Craetive" has to do with this show? Will get to that eventually, first, i should probably tell you what the show's about. In my life i've never watched a show that took over eight episodes to establish what it's about, for those who start the show it'll look like a cute girl's doing cute things that changes into a sci fi varient magical girl with lots of hints for dark undertones, that has huge doses optimism that it becomes nauseating. the show doesn't make it clear what it aims to be right away so the viewer is left for most of the time waiting for a twist that will never happen, and he won't realize it until very later in the show which makes it very frustrating, so unless you're fond of watching a bunch of cute girls awkwardly praising each other all the time, while brutally murdering aliens before eating their corpses, you're in for a really bad time. The show starts with those cute girl's working in a shop that designs clothes, do they own the shop or do they work a part time job in it? doesn't matter, all that matters is that the costumers of this shop have a really bad taste in fashion if they're satisfied with a few doodles on their shirts, the shop's Craetively named PARK. aliens attack earth, those aliens lack creativity so they steal "culture" from other planets, why? it doesn't matter either, beats me how they managed to create space ships or even got the creative idea to steal from others if they lack creativity, all you need to know is that the phrase Copyrights don't exist in their dictionary. The PARK girls then go for a stroll in the park, because apparently alien invasions doesn't matter. on their way to the park a huge milk bottle and almost crushes them, but they seemingly don't care. a pink haired american girl with a talking shrimp around her neck comes out of that bottle and the PARK girls decide to trust her right away, because foreigns speaking fluent japanese, talking shrimps, and pink hair are all stuff normally found in Japan... Either that or Japan just lacks common sense. Did i mention that the talking shrimp, is the second most annoying character in the season the show came out? can't blame him for not getting first place, the competetion was tough (cough cough a certain Asta cough cough). the clearly trustworthy girl gives the PARK girls weird technology that uses the power of imagination to turn them into magical girls, because apparently those aliens had enough creativity to make such technology but they somehow can't use them since they lack imagination, how unimaginative. You must already tell that nothing makes sense in the show, so the best thing to do is to shut down your brain, throw your common sense away, and suffer slowly as you get brainwashed by the power of Craetive and sickening amounts of optimism, by the time you fnish the show you'll be seeing pink everywhere. the show then goes on an episodic adventure, where the PARK girls are suffering from FWP at the beginning of each episode which ends with them fighting one of those aliens, and beating them with the power of Craetive, then feasting on their dead cold bodies. Speaking of Craetivity, the artwork is clearly Craetive, it's very tipsy and stylistic, the backgrounds look quite colorful, the show actually looks nice at first, so it might help you keep your sanity for a while. at least until the clearly low budget runs dry and you start noticing how much they recycle animation, how much static images being moved around. the Aliens, or they call them the "Scoopers" designs are not that creative, since they're just a space Saucer with a huge eye and an antenna, and when they die, they explode into sweets, very Craetive. Now that the boring parts has been covered up, it's time to tell you what the word Craetive means in the context of the show, but first i'd suggest a fun drinking game, everytime you hear the word "Creative" you take a shot, it'll be your fastest route to getting a liver failure. yes, they like that word a lot yet they have no idea what it means. the show's theme center's around creativity and originality, that you can steal other people's works intentionally or unintentionally, that there is nothing completely original and every work is directly or indirectly inspired by something else, and how bad it's affect can be on your work... just kidding, the theme is eating alien candy is not good for your health. it's true the formerly mentioned themes are there, but they aren't explored properly, so nothing meaningful can be taken from the show... except for some brilliant dialogue lines you can use to comment on other shit animes or movies, like "today was like an unfunny B movie", or "i bet you guys would die first in a B movie". the best part about the show is how it's talking about creativity without actually having any at all. Eh, what can i say, i hate this show, i hate GenSan for making me watch it, i hate myself for wanting to join the lottery even though i know i have a really bad luck, i hate everything. but i don't regret watching it, it's not even close to being the worst of it's season (not when the competetion is tough). it's drowned in optimism to the point that it's cringe,  and doesn't make any sense. it's funny if you want to spot plot holes and illogical bits, but if you value your sanity, don't do Urahara.


Urahara is an anime about being CREATIVE, Urahara is an anime about being CREATIVE, I'm so shocked that I wrote it twice. The story follows three CREATIVE girls just as the city is attacked my aliens that steal CREATIVE things from other planets who incidentally look just like and behave like flying Saucers with an antenna and a single big eye. Just as their home town area seems to fall to the alien threat the girls meet a Young Girl and her pet talking Fried Shrimp which doubles as her scarf. They gain special power rings that use their CREATIVE imagination by giving them the CREATIVE powers of shooting, cutting or hitting things with their weapons and flying while standing on an object. By being CREATIVE the girls one shot all the flying aliens before they steal all the CREATIVE things. Animation Urharara's backgrounds are CREATIVE and look quickly sketched up and coloured with pastel colours. The animation have CREATIVE limitations that increase as the anime goes on. While CREATIVE looking backdrops with various painshop effects cover the screen during exciting moments or during chase scenes and the final boss being a static image bouncing up and down for quite a while it must be said that the anime certainly looks at first glance CREATIVE and eye catching but at the same time it's to the more experienced anime watcher also an quite obvious  lower budget production with limited animation and CREATIVE but very sketchy background if not using particle effects for a CREATIVE background. Sound While the main heroine is not an experienced voice actress she's not too distracting and the rest of the cast are all decently convincing. Though Misa's verbal tick and fried shrimp talking in a weird manner might not be for everyone. It might not be for everyone, I said that twice since it beared repeating. The Music is not as CREATIVE as the opening animation which isn't very CREATIVE. The dialogue of this series generally get's recycled quickly and regularly so if you've heard a few lines of dialogue about being CREATIVE you can turn the sound off if you want and still follow quite a bit of the story if the sound bothers you that much in this.  Characters The characters in this series often tell each other that they're amazing. Very often in fact. They also say that they must be CREATIVE a lot or that the other character is CREATIVE or that the other person is amazing. The dialogue in this entire series is rather repetitive for it. While the series kind of seems to realize that it's being repeititve this CREATIVE self-awareness might just be a misinterpetition and it might just be another CREATIVE repetitive element. The girls persoanlity's are mostly archtypes with one girl being an artist that wants people to like her drawings, another wants to be liked and popular as an idol and a loner who wants to be with her friends, okay two of the characters are quite similar in an aspect but at least they have their CREATIVE differences as our black haired mean girl rarely raises her voice and the other is quite a bit louder, as expected from an idol want to be fashion designer. Final thoughts: Overall the series has a lot of flaws. The overall series has quite a few flaws indeed. I said it twice because of how much awareness I want to give people to this point for the sake of peoples awareness of this point. The story is stretched out really thin which meant they had to be CREATIVE with how to pad the episodes out yet it chooses to be repetitive instead of adding CREATIVE content. Despite CREATIVITY and believing in yourself being the message of this series the series itself is quite full of things that are not CREATIVE. The story has quite a few gaping holes in the plot that make little sense but you can glance over it quite easily, quite easily you can glance over them indeed. While the series isn't as CREATIVE as it makes itself out to be, not by a long shot is it as CREATIVE as it tries to make itself look and while the characters don't always behave like people a human mind, or any mind really, as their decicions don't always make sense chronologically in the anime due to events in the prior episode seeming like they wouldn't actually cause their state of mind in the next episode I guess it's CREATIVE writing if you're writing around plot points that you need to make it to the ending of the story abnd while having flaws that could have been CREATIVELY  avoided I guess it's more CREATIVE to just go with whatever works at first glance. After all expermimenting is CREATIVE even if the end result is a failure of an experiment CREATIVELY.

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