Uninhabited Planet Survive

Alt title: Mujin Wakusei Survive

TV (52 eps)
2003 - 2004
Fall 2003
3.763 out of 5 from 1,256 votes
Rank #2,593

Luna is an orphaned girl with dreams to attend a prestigious academy. After her celebrated acceptance, the class embarks on a field trip to see a world being colonized first-hand. However, in the middle of the journey, a storm overtakes the space vessel, causing a pod with Luna and a small group of students to be jettisoned into a gravity well - stranding them on a planet far from home! Now, with monsters at every turn and supplies running short, the group of strangers must do the only thing they can: survive.

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StoryThe storyline is undeniably the weakest part of Uninhabited Planet Survive, and is the main contributing factor for why the show never quite seems to break mediocrity. There were numerous points at which the anime looked like it was improving, but the formulaic and predictable plot would always kick in and prevent this from actually happening. One of the major problems lies with the basic premise. At its heart, there are really only two major ways to execute a shipwrecked-on-random-piece-of-rock storyline like this one: a Lord of the Flies styled, utterly misanthropic depression-fest, or an illogical, unrealistic Swiss Family Robinson rip-off that recycles the same basic plot that has been used countless times before. Uninhabited Planet Survive goes with the latter route, throwing just about every hackneyed element of the archetype in save for the monkey butlers. At its best, the plot would have taken a backseat and merely watched the excellent characters interact with each other. An unobtrusive storyline could have allowed for some truly outstanding character drama, and might have caused the series to sneak into my personal favorites list. Indeed, the story is at its best when it does exactly this. Occasionally, the characters are given a relatively simple problem (for example, starting a fire), and the audience is made to watch as they carry out a solution. During these relatively scarce moments, the characters are truly allowed to shine, and the show becomes immensely entertaining. Unfortunately, for the most part Uninhabited Planet Survive rejects this approach and forces a dull, contrived and utterly boring plot upon its viewers. The situation is made even worse by a truly tedious science fiction twist that serves to take even more focus away from the true highlight of the show. Admittedly, there is an exceptional arc midway through the series that involves escaped prisoners; for this stretch of episodes, I was actually actively interested in what was going on, and often could not guess what was going to happen next. However, for the rest of the anime, the story fails to be anything but dull, predictable and obtrusive.AnimationThere is nothing wrong about the animation in Uninhabited Planet Survival, but this doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything right, either. Character designs and backgrounds are decidedly mediocre, and are forgotten almost immediately after seeing them. A few scattered action scenes occur throughout the series, with a relatively consistent rate of quality each time. As a whole, there really isn't much to say about the visual package, other than that it does little to either help or hurt the series.SoundRemaining consistent with the anime's generally low budget, the 52 episode series only gets one set of music for the entire series. Fortunately, the OST is good enough to stand up to repeated listens, and never bothered me throughout the show. I didn't end up listening to the opening and ending themes all that much, but they're by no means bad. Voice acting is consistently solid for the entire show, with no noticeable flaws.CharactersWithout a doubt, the characters are the strongest part of the anime. Most animes nowadays cheat a little by sacrificing depth in order to make their characters instantly appealing. This anime, on the other hand, develops its characters the hard way. By the beginning of the show, none of the seven children that crash-land on the island start out as anything really impressive. At the end, however, every single one has become likeable, if not absolutely loveable. If Uninhabited Planet Survive had focused on them instead of its lackluster storyline, then the show could have been outstanding. However, as is the characters do an admirable job of keeping the show from being absolutely horrible.OverallTo be honest, I really wanted to enjoy this, and countless times while I was plodding through the series I told various people that I was enjoying myself. Unfortunately, I simply can't ignore how many times the anime failed what I refer to as the Crappy Game Test. In a nutshell, this means that as I was watching the show, I would compulsively open up firefox on my other computer and begin to play java games. When the mind-numbing and basically luck-based Bejeweled is more interesting than the anime I'm watching, this is a very bad sign indeed. As a whole, the show isn't close to what I would consider bad, but still falls a bit short of being actively entertaining. The storyline is rather tedious for too much of the running time, and the situation isn't exactly helped by the unremarkable animation and sound. I seem to be in the minority here, but in the end I wouldnt recommend this.


There's not a lot I want to say about UPS that one couldn't figure out on it's first or second episode. This show was obviously targeted towards younger people, probably the exact age as those portrayed, little wonder. On the surface you have 7 pre-teen to teen-aged kids stranded on a planet filled with hostile flora and fauna. Underneath you get a coming of age and friendship story of some quality. For someone my age, it's wholly forgettable, for someone around their young teen years, could be an awesome anime.Story:It's the future, earth is no longer habitable, humans have populated many other planets in the form of domes while trying to terraform these planets into hospitable worlds. As stated before the story revolves around several kids that manage to strand themselves on a deadly and unknown planet. The story is so structured as to give you each character a chance to delve into their past, and grow past their flaws. Some take longer than others but this is essentially the basis of the whole anime all while trying to send for help or help themselves off the planet.Animation:For the most part the animation was decent, especially for it's age. They put a lot of work into the main area's that the story takes place in and each scene design was nice to look at. The characters were also each unique against each other but nothing you hadn't seen before in other anime.Sounds:These got annoying at times, it was very canned, meaning that when there was danger there was one sound loop, when it was happy times there was one sound loop, when ... you get the idea, each time there was something going on there was a specific sound bite they looped to give a certain "atmosphere". It got old, and annoying fast, I tried to just ignore it so eventually it became background noise.Characters:Another run of the mill section, each archetype was pretty much used here. Tsundere class leader girl, arrogant rich boy, brainiac boy good with gadgets,... you could almost just take one look at them and tell what they were gonna be like. At least they did grow and develop through out the show.Overall:Like I said to begin with, this wasn't really something for someone my age and experience to really sink my teeth into, if I were half my age I -might- have enjoyed it more. All told, this was an average anime with an average amount of worthy time spent on it. It felt a bit long towards the end and I was expecting a bit more in it's final episode after all that but it could have been much much worse.In the end, I'd really only recommend this to people that really really like survival style anime and don't mind a slightly juvenile theme mixed in.

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