Unico in the Island of Magic

Alt title: Unico: Mahou no Shima e

Movie (1 ep x 95 min)
3.611 out of 5 from 314 votes
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Unico is a young unicorn who has the power to make everyone around him happy. In a fit of jealousy, the gods commanded the West Wind to strand him on the Hill of Oblivion for all time; but the West Wind couldn't bring herself to do this, so she left him in a forest where the gods wouldn't find him. On this island Unico encounters a girl named Cherry, as well as her long lost brother Toby. Toby is now the apprentice of Kuruku, a powerful magician that turns people into living dolls to help him build his castle... with their own bodies! Now Cherry and Unico have to find a way to fight Kuruku's magic and rescue everybody, even if it means traveling to the edge of the world to do it!

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Unico In the Island of Magic (Dubbed)

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Unico In the Island of Magic (Subbed)

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The legacy of Unico continues with the last movie adaptation of Tezuka's manga. The West Wind that takes Unico from place to place in order to escape the gods and the Night Wind places him in a new world; a forest, where he quickly gets into trouble with a strange young man by the name of Toby. He is the apprentice of a magician named Lord Kukuruku and is ordered to change every living being into a "living doll" for his master. Unico also meets Toby's younger sister Cherry and the two join together to stop her brother and Kukuruku from turning everyone into a living doll. Story Unlike the last film, this movie only has one plot going for it, and its pretty bizarre. It still follows the simple story behind Unico, and is very child-friendly as all the others have been. But this movie is more adventurous than the last; and it feels consistently thrilling. The pacing is really good and does not throw any surprises that do not make sense. The plot is simplistic and easy to follow for kids, making for another enjoyable children's movie with the same inevitable ending. Animation Once again, the animation is not bad for its time, but its nothing flashy either. The art style and design actually seem more simplistic here than they did in the other films, and in some parts they definitely lack any visual value.  Sound Once again, the soundtrack is not very memorable, but the ending song is definitely melancholy and great to listen to. The Japanese cast does a great job and has a lot of great voice actors in it, such as Shuichi Ikeda and Sumi Shimamoto. The English dub is fine, but much like the last one, its a bit rough. Characters This movie has even less room for the characters to grow in, and some of the characters, like Marusu, the daughter of the Sphinx, are thrown in towards the middle and do not have much development. Aside from that, Unico is still the obvious hero looking for friendship and wanting to do what is right; Yamaneko, the grumpy cat who heads the forest, is only part antagonist but is mainly spineless and annoying. But the two human characters, Toby and Cherry, and the villain Lord Kukuruku, have the most personality and are pretty enjoyable. Toby is the misunderstood apprentice who wants to make his family happy and protect his younger sister, and he does so countless times. Cherry is a sweet, innocent girl who also wants to do what is right, but when she senses danger ahead, she'll protect those she cares about, including Unico. And Lord Kukuruku has an interesting backstory and reason for why he acts the way he does.  Overall This movie both excels and fails in places the previous movie had not. The plot is interesting and fluent, the characters, while still some of the same, are enjoyable for the most part, the surreal look to everything is entertaining, and it keeps you interested all the way through. While still not fantastic, this movie is enjoyable for anyone of any age. 

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