Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - BNW no Chikai

DVD Special (3 eps x 24 min)
3.46 out of 5 from 215 votes
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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby - BNW no Chikai

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The ponies are back for three more episodes of leaving it all on the track. Special is aiming for the Summer Dream Trophy but she and the rest of the girls will have to participate in the Twinkle Series festival first. While making preparations for the decorations, haunted house, cafe, hair salon, and other attractions the President sets a task for the group. The prize is something none of them want to pass up and so a competition is initiated.  Storywise this takes place while Suzuka is oversees and Special is still adamant about wanting to race her. It’s her devotion for her friend that aids her advice to Winning when she’s feeling down. Winning Ticket, Narita Taishin, and Biwa Hayahide faced off in a three way fight for the finish and the outcome had more than one person feeling blue. Special is there to say what needs to be said as she’s in a similar situation but she isn’t the only one giving out words of wisdom.   A not so clever BNW acronym is termed for the trios race and for some reason the Twinkle Series festival becomes a relay race in their honor. Three teams are formed representing one of the three and they compete for the President’s reward and to cheer up those down in the dumps - one in particular.  Everyone puts their best foot forward as they build their teams, set up positions, and keep their legs pumping. The outcome is not a common one but it is satisfying. There is some comedy present that might get a laugh or two from Gold’s love of sacks, bloated stomach, trips to the hair salon, and an impersonation. There’s some nice music but nothing that stands out from the TV series soundtrack. The animation's on par with the 13 prequel episodes as are the touches of CGI. -- Basically the creator(s) decided to do a school festival with the horse-girls but wanted to keep physicality present so it’s a mixture of a sports festival and a traditional class festival with the former dominating the latter.

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