Ultramarine Magmell

Alt title: Gunjou no Magmel

TV (13 eps)
3.274 out of 5 from 3,759 votes
Rank #11,392

A new continent named Magmell suddenly appears in the ocean, and a new age of exploration begins. Explorers venture to the island to find previously unknown lifeforms and resources, but experience one disaster after another.

Source: ANN

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Netflix has licensed a lot of crapy anime lately. Magmell is refreshingly not-bad. In short, try it if you're bored, but don't prioritize it.Is Magmell the best anime? No, but it has some entertainment value, and an interesting take to enable the familiar monster world. The story is more individual episode arcs, so they have a sense of completeness when you watch one (but no urgency to watch the next). There is small bit of broader plot that spans the episodes generally pertaining to character development. The caracters are reasonably entertaining and have some depth but nothing major, though with this style of anime it's less important because it focuses on the story of the episode. Sound quality is, average for a newer anime, which puts it a bit above the average across all time. It isn't an anime with rich sounds, like some. Animation is... It works, the detail isn't astounding but the motions are (again) average for a newer anime. The MC, weirdly, gets less OP over time... because... plot devices, and the episode pacing falters for the multi-episode arcs, It really seemed like they were just killing time with a lot of back and forth and flashbacks. Still, not horrid, and wayyy better than the constant recaps you might find in a stereotypical battle anime. Don't enter into it with high expectations because of how cool the plot sounds, (or else you will be overly disappointed, because conceptually it could have been amazing.) but try to watch it for what it is, not what you wanted it to be.

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