Ultra Maniac OVA

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Magic and spells are superstitious and silly -- or at least, that's what Ayu used to think. The popular high schooler's life used to be filled with classwork and daydreams of Kaji, until Nina became involved in her life! Hailing from the Magic Kingdom, the witch apprentice is eager to help Ayu through any situation, including the inevitable loss of a tennis match against a rival she can't defeat: a boy! Luckily, to help her win, Nina devises a spell to turn her into something more appropriate: a male?! With time running out, can Ayu win the match and Kaji, even though she's no longer a she?

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sothis Jan 17, 2005
Score 6.5/10

This 20 minute OVA is an introduction to the television series, and presents a brief story to laugh over. Aya, a popular girl at school, meets Nina, a bumbling witch apprentice. Of course, Aya doesn't believe any of this at first, until the girl's tennis team has to have a match with the boy's team over ownership of the courts. The girls are clearly outmatched, and thus, Nina does something about... read more

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XkittymewmewX Jul 18, 2011
Score 9/10

Story [10/10] The story was entirely accurate to the series, unlike the anime.  The OVA kept the original storyline without making any changes. Animation [8/10] The animation  was pretty smooth, but it had some rough spots. Sound [6/10] The sound was of good quality, but the background music lacked feeling. Characters [10/10] The storyline kept the original characters and their original... read more

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Ultra Maniac
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  • 2003

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