Ultra Maniac

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Sakura Nina, a magic girl from the Magic Kingdom, comes to the human world to continue her training. It would have been a simple scenario, if not for the fact that Nina's magic skills are subpar at best. Nina and her best friend Ayu subsequently find themselves turning normal high school life into crazy adventures, day after day, with a magical twist. But as time goes on, there are questions that must be answered -- why is Nina really in the human world? And why is her childhood friend, a black magic user named Maya, in the human world as well?

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Ayu & Nina

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Boy Meets Girl

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Change Over

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D.C (Da Capo)

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Fight Over

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Gigantic Pets

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Hello, Little Girls

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Jack Straw

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Knight Spirit

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Lovesick Night

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Story: I love magical girl, comedy and romance. That is what Ultra Maniac was supposed to be. However, it didn't live to my expectations at all. I wasn't expecting much. At the very least, some humor with some fluff. I didn't even get that. At the very best, I got a chuckle. It was also very predictable. When I watch fluff, I expect at least some drama and something surprising. However, there was little that wasn't unpxpected.  The romance and the magical girl was lackluster. Not put very elogantly, but to sum this series up, it was pretty lame. Animation: This is an older series so the animation is not expected to be too good. However, there are series that are older than Ultra Maniac but have better animation. For comparision, it looks like Tokyo Mew Mew. One of the more disappointing aspects of the series was the magic. It was very lacking. Sound: Lackluster for the most part. The opening and ending were catchy but forgettable. The soundtrack blended for the most part but I don't remember much of it. The seiyuus were ok expect Nina which was annoying and grating. Characters: There is some development but it feels rapid toward the end. For the most part, they stayed the same throughout the series. Any development that did happen wasn't surprising. That doesn't have to be a bad thing but it definitely didn't add anything. Overall: I wouldn't recommend watching it even you want some fluff entertainment. There're much better entertaining things out there that have magic, comedy and romance.

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