Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Alt title: Denpa Kyoushi

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Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Junichiro Kagami is on his sister’s last nerve. Despite his genius and scientific accomplishments, he’s spent most of his adult life cooped up inside, surrounded by anime and manga, working on trivial things like a blog. But now, it’s time for him to get a real job! His reason for being such a bum? He suffers from ‘YD’: a debilitating illness that means he can only do things he yearns to do. Tired of this lame excuse, his sister gets him a job doing something he’d never expect—teaching! Teaching is the last thing Kagami yearns to do, at least until he comes across the various problems his students face outside of the classroom. Between their quirky dreams, serious attitude problems, and surprising secrets, Junichiro is definitely in for some far-out lessons. What he teaches these kids will be beyond the books!

Source: Funimation

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The story of Denpa Kyoushi is interesting to say the least-assuming you already know the basic plot line, the anime takes a mostly episodic format with the main character Junichiro Kagami helping his different students overcome a variety of problems. This sounded to me like it would work pretty well. So did it?Not quite. See, as mentioned earlier, Denpa Kyoushi uses a mostly episodic format that quickly becomes repetitive and bland. Basically, he meets a student. Student needs help with something. Junichiro snaps his fingers and uses "quirky tricks" to solve the problem. Said student is pushed to the side and pretty much forgotten about. Repeat for the duration of a two-cour show. See how this might turn out?I never felt like the previous events of the story moved the characters forward. Most of the students didn't really even show up again. Some of them did become reoccurring characters that were in Junichiro's class but they didn't seem add anything to the plot. Junichiro himself basically remained the same over the duration of the series. He actually started to get annoying with all the YD crap he kept spouting. The only character I liked was Sachiko but even she was barely prominent in the whole series.Moving on to the art. A-1 Pictures is known for producing some amazing anime in this department (think Your Lie in April, SAO.) This is not one of those anime. The colors, while bright, seem lifeless after a while and clash. The faces especially seem to suffer with mouths and noses just not really working for me. The animation was full of stills, reused frames, and some stiff movements. The character designs were a bit nicer though-in particular Junichiro, Sachiko and Madoka's were interesting. The openings and endings didn't really fit the anime at all-the first one kept changing the tone and wasn't real pleasant to listen to. The second opening sounded much better, but didn't fit the anime. Neither did the endings. The soundtrack wasn't really noticeable. Speaking of sound, the voice acting was pretty satisfactory except Suzune's. Her voice wasn't necessarily bad but it didn't fit her character AT ALL. A lot of her voice inflections really sounded out of place too.So did I enjoy this anime? Kind of. I started getting bored by the formulaic plot and the art wasn't exactly eye candy. Suzune's voice really started grating my ears after a while. But it certainly wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, and I did laugh at some parts-like "Irregular Twintails." I haven't read the manga but from what I've heard, it's much better than the anime so I might have to go check it out. Overall, Denpa Kyoushi gets a 5.5/10 from me for an interesting but repetitive plot, some likeable characters, bad art and animation, unfitting soundtrack and mostly good voice acting. Thank you for reading!

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