Uchuujin Tanaka Tarou

Alt title: Taro the Space Alien

TV (24 eps)
2000 - 2001
Spring 2000
3.328 out of 5 from 29 votes
Rank #8,796
Uchuujin Tanaka Tarou

Takashi Horimachi is an ordinary curious fifth grader attending "Anytown" Elementary School. One day, a very unusual transfer student named Taro Tanaka joins Takashi's class. Takashi and his classmates have never encountered anyone quite like Taro before. He is blue, has huge glowing eyes, pointy ears, a smooth bald head and one horn. Takashi, obsessed with trying to figure out this strange new visitor, attempts to track Taro's every move; and in the process he continuously falls victim to Taro's hilarious assortment of cosmic jokes and traps.

Source: ANN

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