Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson

Alt title: Space Family Carlvinson

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
3.405 out of 5 from 124 votes
Rank #3,514

When the ragtag crew of the Carlvinson saw a spaceship crash land on a planet below, they had no idea they’d stumble across a now-orphaned baby girl! With none of her kind in sight, the cat-like Beruka, brain-faced Tah, robot Andy and the rest of the gang decide to raise little Corona until her people can be found. The very unorthodox “parents” and “extended family” of the Carlvinson will watch Corona grow from a baby to a young child, and will participate in mock dragonfly rescues, family field days, and more! But soon a transmission reveals that someone is coming to retrieve Corona – will Corona’s adopted family lose her forever?

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sothis Dec 31, 2007
Score 8/10

I had no idea what to expect with Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson. At first glance, and based on the synopses out there, I figured I'd be watching a Captain Tylor-esque OVA with the addition of a baby; but what I got was a genuinely hilarious romp through the lives of a very unlikely crew of misfits, and a young and curious child. Don't be mistaken - Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson is a slice-of-life... read more

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CaptainSlow Jan 16, 2015
Score 7/10

What I Liked: Cute characters with distinct personalities and designs. Interesting setting and concept. Uses its run-time effectively to tell its rather sweet little story and present its themes (even the fast-forward doesn't feel out of place). Mother. The soundtrack is cute and suits this OVA down to the ground with its poppy opening and ending themes. Animation is clear and backgrounds are quite lovely to... read more

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Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson
  • Vol: 14
  • 1986 - 1997

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