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2008 - 2009
Fall 2008
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Humanity has stretched its reach into space and has settled onto a number of planets. For the past several hundred years, though, most of man’s territory has been politically and militarily dominated by the Tytania clan. However, their grip of power begins to shake when an admiral from Euria, Fan Hulic, preposterously manages to win a battle against an armada commanded by a Tytanian duke. Now wanted by Tytania, Fan Hulic flees from one planet to another. His travels will lead him to many places and many people, all of whom finally have hope that the hated Tytania can finally be defeated.

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Okay so I'm a big sucker for just about any space opera.  I mean what's not to love about them you get romance, space battles, politics, good music, and a plot with the fate of galaxy/universe/whatever at stake.  All of these things are of course what you get out of Tytania. The Story: The universe or galaxy, I forget which, is for the most part under the control of the Empire of Valdana who is under the control of the Tytania Clan.  Who controls everything through their influence which of course means their military and economical might.  They are for the most part the most feared and undefeated force in the galaxy.  This of course all changes one day a military force under the command of one of the four dukes, Duke Ariabert Tytania, is sent to acquire a piece of technology from Euriya who decides to resist Tytania and ends up winning the battle all thanks to the admiral of the fleet Fan Hyulick.  This is of course unheard of and this acts as a trigger that leads to a series of events that begins to shake Tytania control.  What follows is what you would expect from a space opera with space battles, political maneuvering, tragedy, and even some romance a blossoming. The Animation: Tytania looks about as good as what you would expect.  There aren't any problems with the animation, but at the sametime there isn't really anything to set it apart from everything else that came out during this time.  Though one thing that did look above average is the space battles, but that could just be my own love from spaceship to spaceship warfare clouding my judgement.  As a final note something as to be said about the planets taht get visited.  Each planet has their own feel and look to them which is something that I found to be rather nice. The Sound: The sound is rather excellent though even a space opera had a horrible soundtrack that would be even more shocking.  Anyways each piece does its job just about perfectly, from the theme that gets played during battles to the lighter themes they all fulfill their role and don't disappoint. The Characters: The four dukes and the clan chief are easily the most interesting and developed characters of the bunch.  With each of the four dukes having a rather distinct perosnality which especially shows when they are trying to maneuver to get something done the way they want.  It's hard to grow tired of watching them trying to outwit each other in attempt to come out on top.  This is especially true for Lord Jouslain who always seems to be a couple steps ahead of everyone else.  Of the main characters there is only one I had problems with and that was Fan Hyulick who has to be the most unheroic hero of any space opera I've ever seen.  His laided back personality makes him seem like he's not even interested if he actually manages to bring down Tytania or not.  Once more in the first battle in the first episode his way of acting really did make it seem like he only won by chance and some clever plan.  Thankfully like any space opera the story just doesn't only focus on him. Overall Tytania is a space opera that anyone who's a fan of the genre should really consider seeing.  As a final note this series really needs a second season or something.


Tytania is a space opera, originally a series of novels by the same person who wrote Legend of Galactic Heroes. I happen to be a fanboy of that title and thus I was expecting a lot out of this title. And to the most part I got it since Tytania has a lot of similarities to LoGH. Other than that though everything is far inferior to the point the whole show becomes nothing more than a joke and a complete disappointment. It ended up reminding me more of Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Here are the reasons for that. I will be comparing Tytania to LoGH just for the sake of explaining why the later did it right. 1) The title. It is named after one vast military organization, which is not even the good guys. In fact, they are closer to the bad guys. The story involves a lot other sides and it is quite annoying to see the whole focus being given only to the tyrants who are there to be defeated. LoGH was so much better for having a far more neutral title, and thus allowing you to see things more objective.2) The attitude in battles. They are not serious at all when they fight. One admiral will be drinking tea like he is going on a picnic, another one will be playing around with bubblegum, the lieutenants will be laughing while going to confront the enemy, and everything surely doesn’t feel like a war drama. In LoGH you would see them all acting serious and in horror when they are losing or dying but here it’s as if they are in a damn playground. 3) The tactics in battles. Although LoGH was silly for making space wars to appear like 2D naval battles, it was still using some really funky field tactics which to the most part were excused in-story. Tytania is unfortunately using completely unrealistic tactics to the point you can’t take it seriously. For example, the first episode shows one side disguising its laser cannons to look like ships and plans to use them in a kamikaze attack while they are retreating. You have no idea how they managed to pull this off since the cannons didn’t blow up when they were being shot and the soldiers managed to escape despite being surrounded and in the same blast radius as the enemy ships. It felt completely retarded as it was based too much on magic technology rather actual intelligence. 4) The spaceships. The hand-drawn ones in LoGH lacked variety in shapes and fluid motions but were doing their job right. The 3D ones in Tytania not only look like a stupid colourful flower field but they are also shaking and moving as if they are plastic toys.5) The production values. They are average to bad for the year the anime was made. Too many static images and low detailed faces. LoGH was decades ahead of its time and had far better animation and facial detail. It was lacking in building and spaceship decorations (of which Tytania does a fine work) but then again weird statues and curtains do not make a show any better in context. I also didn’t like the soundtrack of Tytania, since it was a mix of average ballads and forgettable j-pop. Artland is not a major anime studio but has definitely done a far better job in other anime such as Mushishi or Bokura Ga Ita. 6) The story. Not only is the pacing far slower than in LoGH, but it also stops at a point were almost nothing of its dozens of side stories has been resolved in terms of conflicts and character interactions. Unlike LoGH which had a hell of a long duration to expose everything, Tytania covers only the prelude of sorts, which is also boring to the most part. It ends in a completely unsatisfactory way and leaves its hundreds of characters undeveloped. 7) The character appeal. Although it is mostly a result of the story being left incomplete, the characters are not as charismatic as those in LoGH. They act far cartoonier and have far less meat in their personality to care about them or take them seriously. They just don’t seem to be really trying to achieve their goals and are simply acting like they are playing like children or are too bored to get serious about it. The Yang Wenli look-alike in this show for example acts like he is Tylor, which makes him more funny than cool. This is not a surprise if you know one of the directors of Tytania was also the mechanical designer of Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Another one was the director of the original Macross, of which its cast was perky but not serious. I guess they imbued the characters based on their style and the result was rather comical for a space opera.And now for some excused scorings.  ART SECTION: 7/10 General Artwork 2/2 (interesting)Character Figures 1/2 (generic)Backgrounds 2/2 (very detailed)Animation 1/2 (average)Visual Effects 1/2 (typical) SOUND SECTION: 6/10 Voice Acting 2/3 (rather silly but otherwise ok)Music Themes 2/4 (average ballads, forgettable j-pop) Sound Effects 2/3 (ok I guess)STORY SECTION: 4/10 Premise 2/2 (interesting)Pacing 0/2 (boring)Complexity 2/2 (very)Plausibility 0/2 (none)Conclusion 0/2 (doesn’t exist)CHARACTER SECTION: 3/10 Presence 1/2 (typical)Personality 1/2 (generic)Backdrop 1/2 (generic and simplistic but it’s there)Development 0/2 (none)Catharsis 0/2 (none)VALUE SECTION: 2/10 Historical Value 1/3 (none, unless you consider it is made by the same guy who made LoGH)Rewatchability 0/3 (nothing you won’t find better in LoGH)Memorability 1/4 (a bit for not being a retarded harem or mecha)ENJOYMENT SECTION: 2/10 Although Tytania is still an interesting series for being space opera and not some shitty harem or mecha, it is still very underwhelming and boring. It is a fine teaser for people to be reminded of LoGH (the most super awesome space opera ever made) but other than that has no replay value or reason to keep around. But hey, look at the bright side, it is still far better than that complete piece of crap called Glass Fleet, made by one of the worst studios in existence called GONZO. VERDICT: 4/10


A show where nothing really is as it seems or should be. Story: On reading the synopsis the show seemed like it had a lot of potential, and indeed after a few eps it was shaping out to be a decent story. Sadly as things progressed, or lack of progression I should say, I found myself bored and confused as to what direction the anime was taking. In the end it just didn't really go anywhere other than to seemingly setup for a second season. Though even if there does end up being a second one I'd more than likely pass on it. The plot line was stagnant at best and haphazard/directionless at worst. Artwork: At first I thought the artwork was decent enough, but after a while the canned look of the cities, ships, and other vehicles got on my nerves. Added with this were some various CG bits that just looked completely out of place and really only served to detract from the shows one decent side. It really didn't stand up to today's standards of artwork and I was a little disappointed in this fact. Coupled with the show's various other issues it really took the anime to a whole new low. Sounds: I can't say there was really anything wrong with this, the opera OP was a little funny to me, perhaps trying to allude itself to the space opera shows of the past like Banner of the Stars. Seeing how far short it fell to this theme perhaps lost more points for it after all in my eyes. A minor issue but one that still counted considering the rest of the show's failures. Characters: I had a lot of them, and tried very hard to give them all equal screen time and back story. It failed, miserably. There were many times I had to sit and ask myself what the hell was X character thinking when they did such. I was left with so many questions as actions against the logical or even obvious counter intuitive were taken resulting in their own deaths or just complete failure as a group. Sometimes these were obviously meant to further the plot/story but I couldn't see the purpose to do so and it only made it worse that they tended to go against what you'd expect the character to have done in that situation. Overall: A show that fell flat on it's face, and if it were to get a second season I'd have serious doubts as to the sanity of whatever production company were to pick it up. The base fact is that this show was pretty much the definition of bad. At one point I had seriously considered dropping it but having passed the halfway point I figured I should at least see how it ended if at all. I highly recommend you find something else to watch, the story being incomplete, characters showing signs of multiple personality disorder, and poor plot management just really lead to this particular show's downfall.

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