TV (26 eps)
- 2009
Fall 2008
3.335 of 5 from 1,492 votes
Rank #3,571

Humanity has stretched its reach into space and has settled onto a number of planets. For the past several hundred years, though, most of man’s territory has been politically and militarily dominated by the Tytania clan. However, their grip of power begins to shake when an admiral from Euria, Fan Hulic, preposterously manages to win a battle against an armada commanded by a Tytanian duke. Now wanted by Tytania, Fan Hulic flees from one planet to another. His travels will lead him to many places and many people, all of whom finally have hope that the hated Tytania can finally be defeated.

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KittyEmperor's avatar
KittyEmperor Feb 23, 2011
Score 8/10

Okay so I'm a big sucker for just about any space opera.  I mean what's not to love about them you get romance, space battles, politics, good music, and a plot with the fate of galaxy/universe/whatever at stake.  All of these things are of course what you get out of Tytania. The Story: The universe or galaxy, I forget which, is for the most part under the control of the Empire of Valdana who is under... read more

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roriconfan Dec 27, 2012
Score 4/10

Tytania is a space opera, originally a series of novels by the same person who wrote Legend of Galactic Heroes. I happen to be a fanboy of that title and thus I was expecting a lot out of this title. And to the most part I got it since Tytania has a lot of similarities to LoGH. Other than that though everything is far inferior to the point the whole show becomes nothing more than a joke and a... read more



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