Two Car

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2017
2.683 out of 5 from 559 votes
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Two Car

Today's the opening day for the high school division of the racing kneeler exhibition! Ladies gather from across the nation, determined to win in the "kneeler race." Today's race is to introduce this season's contestants. No one will be pushing themselves to the limit just yet, but you can expect that at the competition. So begins the female racers' fight for first place!

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"Hmm, sidecar racing? this should be interesting, but it might be just another boring fanservice-ish crap, let's see what it's about" *Five minutes later*  "Dat ass" My first impressions of this show weren't bad, especially when my expectations were very low, the show started right away with a quick race that was quite interesting, the visuals were nice and had great camera angles. i thought that this will shape into a nice time waster. But sadly that wasn't the case. i found myself being occupied by the lack of safety measurements, why aren't they wearing helmets and such. but why should that matter? aren't I just nitpicking a making tiny things seem distructive?, that's because the show isn't nearly as engaging as it should be in order distract me from such triffling matters. First of all, for a racing show, there isn't nearly as much racing as there should be, since it's wasting it's time creating fake depth into it's flat characters. and it's not helping it when you add so much overused and overblown drama.  You might say that that's the point of the show, it isn't about the racing, but a drama, it's about the character's relationships and how they have to get over their problems in order to work as a team. it's shit,  the characters are nothing but boring archetypes, the drama is Overblowen and follows the same unoriginal developments that rotates a full circle before returning back to the same status post with nothing changed or resolved.  So here i am, watching a psuedo-yuri fanservice-ish show with halfbaked drama that is pretending to be about sidecar racing. Good job Silver Link, you somehow succesfully made a series that is revolving around side racing ungodly boring and uninteresting. now cleanse your mind with this:


This starts off so promising and extremely interesting - especially for an all girl sport-anime. The animation and design is quite striking and bright; the high enegery that juxtaposes the initial conversation we hear, sets a precedent for the quirkyness you're about to experience. But it then takes a turn, not only in terms of the side-car aspect, but in terms of all the drama. Pretty much almost every relationship, bar ONE does not actaully grow, develop or change for the better, and that's the first one they address between Chiyuki SHIOBARA and Misaki NAGAI. The other girls' drama and misunderstanding don't really change from the beginning of the show to the end. The formula they take, of addressing 3 of the side character's stories with two episodes each, is quite honestly the only reason this anime stretched out to be a full 12 episodes long. There is humour and a lighthearted enjoyment in the show, but considering the show focuses on so many people without really giving you time to get to know them well, our main characters Megumi MEGURO & Yuri MIYATA get swept off the side and we only really see some development with them in the last 2 episodes...which reverts back to what it was in thebeginning. This show honestly could have been centered around anything and it may have left the same impression, but they chose to use side-cars as a metaphor for codependent relationships...and yet relationships are the one thing they don't really actually focus on. Its al very weird and confusing to be quite frank. This is truly only an anime to watch if you dont wan't any plot or character development, and just want something pretty to look at.


(Some Yuri Elements see below)  Main characters are shit... The character rating I gave is for the secondary and background characters not the main characters (they get zero). The secondary characters have better stories with arcs. The main characters are two high school girls chasing after an older man... seriously WTF! All it is, is back and forth of the girls fight over him with their last scene being them knocking one another out with the adult coach standing there like an idiot.  Like I said the only story arcs are with the secondary characters giving them 1-2 episodes each team (mostly). There is some yuri elements with a Married Lesbian Couple.  Mao x Hitomi. They wear wedding rings and are extremely close to one another. I don't know if it is just a marriage of the heart or also a legal marriage since they are teenagers still in high school. You see this couple in a Cafe in every episode affirming their bond. (they don't get an episode though)  Misaki x Chiyuki looks like it could be a blooming relationship however nothing else comes of their story after they claim to be one another's first and only friends in their episodes arc Nagisa x Izumi, with Nagisa dreaming of BDSM/S&M situations with Izumi and in the next episode Izumi starts having the same dreams. Izumi calls Nagisa her girl... Nene x Ai (the broadcasting team) have a really cute and close friendship... There could be something more there.  Kurosu x Alisu seem to have a thing but they are not featured with their own episode like the other girls... Their story is subtext in the background of the other girls' stories due to not being given any episodes, however they seem to be always together and touching. The show would have been a thousand times better if one of the other teams were the main characters or if the main focus was not about the main characters fighting over the coach.

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