Twinkle Nora Rock Me!

OVA (1 ep)
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A man's life has two phases. One, before he has watched Twinkle Nora Rock ME! and the other, after he has watched Twinkle Nora Rock Me! Having entered the second phase very recently, there is a huge surfeit of questions on my mind right now. What just happened? How did I manage to sit through this? Who made this project? Why does this anime exist?  STORY Plot of Nora Rock Me! is all over the place. It is almost impossible to figure out the premise. Our favourite protagonist, Nora Scholar, is not only unreasonably strong, but she has also obtained some superpowers out of no where. Is this a cowgirl western? Is this a classic revenge story? Is this a story one-sided love? Is this monster sci-fi? Please watch Nora yourself and tell me 'cause boy I havet not been able to decide it myself. ANIMATION For Nora 2.0, animation doesn't exist. To even call it bad will be overselling it by large margin. Majority of the episode looks like it was only animated with story boards alone and nothing else. Right from the very beginning, I thought my display was having some problems. Because the frame rate is that bad. I was torn between laughing at the whole mess or really getting annoyed at myself for continuing to watch it. Keep in mind though, if you don't have company while watching this, you'll wish for some just to be able to vent the frustration.   SOUND   The music was decent. It is interesting enough to keep me watching somehow. Even a soudtrack from Hans Zimmer couldn't have saved the anime anyway though. Therefore, whoever worked on the songs at least deserves some praise! CHARACTERS The shortage for properly named charactaers is definitely annoying. The character design is terrible. None of the actual budgets seems to have gone into animating them. The stills supposedly meant to highlight character features are so bad you can't help laughing.  In the end, Nora 2.0 has to be the textbook example of How Not to Make an Anime for today's animation studious.   

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