Twilight Q

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From the depths of the human imagination comes Twilight Q, a Twilight Zone-style set of two tales based upon the paranormal and supernatural. In one story, Mayumi and Kiwako find a camera that supposedly came from the future, with very interesting film and already-taken pictures inside. Secondly, a tale by Mamoro Oshii which chronicles a strange occurance of planes turning into carp in mid-air, much to the dismay of private investigators and the media alike.

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 6.5/10

It's hard to give a solid score to this, because each episode is drastically different, similar to things like Neo-Tokyo, Memories, etc. This was originally supposed to be a set of Twilight Zoneish stories, but ended up being only two. The claim to fame is definitely episode 2 by Mamoro Oshii, but consequently, I really didn't like that one of the two. If I was to grade each story individually... read more

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Singan Nov 22, 2013
Score 7/10

Twilight Q is an interesting albeit largely forgotten OVA produced back in 1987. Originally, it was supposed to be a showcase for young talents in the industry; alas, only 2 episodes were made before the project was abandoned due to low sales, and the anime ultimately sunk into oblivion. Well, I guess it's high time to do the show some justice and bring it back to the surface.

As the title... read more



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