Turning Girls

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Ditzy Nana, fujoshi Chiwa, idol wannabe Kaeru, and goth groupie Kai are single salarywomen in their upper 20s, but just because the friends have jobs to juggle doesn’t mean they can’t also have fun! By spending their weekends and free time going on awkward group dates, imagining ridiculous yaoi scenarios, and flirting with ultra-buff bodybuilders, the women are sure to have a great time and create plenty of memories in the process!

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"Inferno Cop received quite the unexpected response. Our client wanted another series. To go back a little bit, Inferno Cop’s original plan was to spend as little time and effort as possible. It turned out we were only allowed to use two hours per week to make each episode of Inferno Cop. We took that to another level for Turning Girls. So what we basically did was, we gathered all the female staff at Trigger. They’re not animators. They might be the janitorial girl or whatever, normal non-animator staff. We just gave them an idea and we told them to make an anime. We wanted to find out if they could make an anime. It was an experiment." That was a quote from Hiromi Wakabayashi (Scriptwriter for Inferno Cop, Creative Producer for Kill la Kill and Promare) and it should give you a lot of context for this show.Turning Girls is made up of seven 5-minutes episodes that you can easily watch here on AP, or on the Anime Bancho Youtube Channel, and each one is more hilarious than the last! All four girls have their moments and are very memorable despite the overall low screen time, especially a certain one... Kaeru the lovable Frog-like Idol elevates this quirky and weird show to something honestly enjoyable.The animation is minimal, like in Inferno Cop or Ninja Slayer, but this style doesn't take anything away from the comedy, and may actually give it more charm.The music is surprisingly enjoyable, both OP and ED, as well as the songs in certain episodes.Give this short show a try, you will probably have a good time.And let's end this review with another quote from the interview from the start:   "Wakabayashi: The four girls in Turning Girls are a reflection of the actual staff that worked on it. So basically they did the directing and they actually drew it themselves, it’s a pretty accurate reflection of who they are, as well.  Ogiue Maniax: Could you say which one is Kaeru? Wakabayashi: There’s a girl in the office that wants to be an idol. That’s 100% real, legit. She exists." Kaeru Exists. That fact gives the show a whole new layer of comedy.

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