Alt title: Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu

TV (13 eps)
2018 - 2019
Fall 2018
4.149 out of 5 from 1,488 votes
Rank #857

When Minato Narumiya joins Prefectural Kazemai High School, he is quickly invited to join the archery club by the club's advisor, Tommy-sensei. His childhood friends Seiya Takehaya and Ryohei Yamanouchi swiftly agree to join, but Minato is hesitant at first. Ryohei ends up dragging him along to the club briefing, where they also meet Nanao Kisaragi and Kaito Onogi. Minato, Seiya, Ryohei, Nanao, Kaito—five young men brought together by archery. What will their struggles through the bittersweet time known as "youth" bring into their lives?

Source: Crunchyroll

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The Young Man on the Shooting Range image

Episode 1

The Young Man on the Shooting Range

At Wit's End image

Episode 2

At Wit's End

Just as They Met image

Episode 3

Just as They Met

A Poor Fit image

Episode 4

A Poor Fit

A Frequent Messenger image

Episode 5

A Frequent Messenger

The Reason for Shooting image

Episode 6

The Reason for Shooting

Reunion image

Episode 7


Taking Aim image

Episode 8

Taking Aim

An Unshown Hand image

Episode 9

An Unshown Hand

Linked Heart image

Episode 10

Linked Heart

The Pain of Empty Release image

Episode 11

The Pain of Empty Release

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Episode 12

Five Arrows

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Morikochan's avatar
Morikochan Apr 13, 2019
Score 5/10

So if I were to describe this anime in one word, it would be the word "bland". The message, the characters and problems were all normal, nothing special just like any other short sport animes, which frustrated me. I don't have time to watch this boring anime that aires every season and you don't even remember that you've watched.  If you are new to sport animes, tsurune is a great choice to get... read more

Irhamel's avatar
Irhamel Feb 22, 2019
Score 1/10

A lot of people may like this kind of stories, I do too when its implemented properly, with a good train of thought and a decent amount of chapters, which was not the case on this story by any plausible means. This author was either rushed by the publisher to release content no matter the low quality or the anime production company put too much pressure on a "good idea" that had no "real... read more

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