Tsukiuta. The Animation

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Tsukiuta. The Animation

Six Gravity and Procellarum are two rival male idol groups who happen to live in the same dorm. Six Gravity is made up of young men who represent the months of December to May, while Procellarum’s members represent June to November. Follow the daily lives of these twelve young men as they deal with the stresses of idol-hood, school, and living together.

Source: Funimation

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ehrewahrheit Dec 26, 2017
Score 9/10

A+, tbh. I found this anime as I was getting back into the music/anime scene, so I watched it coz i figured, "hey, it's anime, and it's music, so why not?" Honestly, it might have been one of my better decisions. This review is spoiler-free, so while i don't think it's as in-depth as i can make it to be, i guess this can be a review to... encourage people to watch it, if they have the time to do... read more

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Kaisoosulay Oct 30, 2016
Score 6/10

The plot is kinda confusing and the characters' facial expressions kinda looks emotionless but the songs and performances are hella GREAT. ESPECIALLY THE PERFORMANCE FOR TSUKI NO UTA.  WATCH THE LAST EPISODE GUYS. THE ENTIRE EPISODE IS A JOINT CONCERT BETWEEN GRAVI AND PROCELLA. I'VE NEVER WATCH AN ANIME LIKE THIS. THE ENTIRE EPISODE,OKAY?!! fuckk They performed 15 songs in total, 2 unit songs... read more

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