Alt title: Tsukimonogatari: Yotsugi Doll

TV Special (4 eps x 27 min)
4.091 out of 5 from 6,252 votes
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One day in February, Koyomi Araragi was taking a bath with his younger sister Tsukihi amidst finishing his studies for the college entrance exam. This was also following the incident involving Nadeko Sengoku, which was successfully amended behind the scenes by Deishu Kaiki. Koyomi noticed a change on his body “that could not be overlooked” and sought advice from Shinobu Oshino leading him to contact Yoduru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki. Was this change signifying retribution for everything that Koyomi has done?!

Source: Aniplex

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Haiiii~ (~◠▽◠)~♥ Yaay! Another Monogatari Series release. I love these so much! I never reviewed any of them though, but I feel like writing a review so why not :P So I kinda needed to motivate myself to watch this, even though I really enjoy watching this series. It is super fun, but it's difficult for me. Need high concentration and focus >:3 Just a little note before I start. If you never watched the first and second season of this show DO NOT watch this, you will NOT understand what the hell is going on. Also if you plan to watch the first season, give it time. You will most likely love it. STORY So if you're familiar with Monogatari Series, you know this story focuses on dialogue. So if you don't understand Japanese, watching this will result in reading the subtitles for 1 hour and 30 something minutes... No, but it's fun, I swear! This time, the story focuses on Araragi and Ononoki even though there's a lot of turning and switching from the main story (which is usual with this series). A lot of characters are involved, a lot of answers too. Some things make sense now! Ummm.. so I don't want to really go into details. I like this story much more than the previous TV special, Hanamonogatari. It's much easier to follow the story and the story is better written. This story doesn't fail to impress. 9/10 ANIMATION Nothing much I can say. Typical Shaft studio animation. The quality is basically the same as the previous series. Polished art, really well done, angles are back. I LOVE how they focus on most idiotic details. I really liked the bath scene for several reasons *ahem* I kinda miss the action, there wasn't much, it's mostly story telling. There were so many refrences with Ononoki and her random personality. I loved it. In conclusion, animation is greatly done. Love the details, love the randomness. A really well done animation. 8/10 SOUND Music and the voice acting is probably why I love the series so much.  Voice acting is SO well done. There's so much detail and so much dialogue so this is a very important feature. If the voice acting was bad, I probably wouldn't bother watching any of these shows. Also music is so fitting and atmospheric. There's literally nothing I dislike about sound in this show. Ononoki's voice is EVERYTHING. Yeeyyyyy~ 10/10 CHARACTERS Same old Monogatari characters. I love them all. There's only one new character. Araragi is still a hardcore lolicon pervert. Ononoki still talks in one tone. Shinobu is freaking adorable. Fire sisters are still persistent. Senjougahara is still a tsundere queen. It's all there. Characters are what makes this show important and unique. Only thing I don't like is that Tsubasa didn't have any screen time (she did make a cameo) 9/10 OVERALL This series is brilliant. This particular title is very entertaining. The story is great, same with everything else. A solid release from Shaft. I am so glad they made a story that heavily involves Ononoki. She's a really fun character. And that's it. Thanks for reading my review. I tried to keep it short this time. I would recommend this anime to any Monogatari Series fan out there :D Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime reviews so check them out if you want! Thanks and have a nice day ^^


This is part of a series, and a series I like. This is worthy. It's had ups (the original) and downs (the original sequel), but overall, it is a good series of shows. The meat of the series is supernatural occurences with a side of high school drama and fan service. This one is not much different, but it is definitely one of the better ones... actually, the best if you do not consider the original which was genius. The plot is not the most original. You are better served by knowing the characters and their backstories from earlier installations. But the visual aspects of Tsukimonogatari are once again brilliant bordering on sheer mad-genius levels. The whole point of the series is sharp directing using the art, sound, and story to convey more than they do on their own. As usual in the series, it takes a page out of the elite western movie director's book, with sharp cuts, original cinematography in angles and settings, and the occasional tossing out of the rulebook when it comes to audio/visual effects. All in all, I wish I could see this without the bias of seeing the rest of the series, because as such, the characters are already familiar to me, and I can't quite capture the excitement of the first time I saw Bakemonogatari. Story: Solid all around, nothing special for this series, not exceptional in terms of the elite anime out there, but definitely well written and thought out. There are dark undertones, subtle hints, and oddities that add intrigue to it all. I really can't find much of a fault in it, but it isn't a true standout. The writing is true to the series, the plot is not quite the ones we are used to so it gives a fresh perspective, and all in all, you could do far worse with the more mainstream offerings out there. That being said, it really is a good story. I would be completely satisfied with it in nearly any other format, but when it comes to anime that isn't about battles, humor, or romance, then the natural tendency is to become a lot more picky. Don't take this the wrong way; 8.5/10 means that this is definitely in the top percentages quality-wise. The amount of fan service went down (though I suppose it wouldn't be true to itself without the standard "male lead pervs on female characters because he's stupid that way"), the amount of psychological introspection is rather high (if in roundabout ways at times), and it relies heavily on the characters which stand up to the pressure. Animation: What can I say? Brilliant. The distinct style which has always caught my eye with the series is once again implemented with great success, using tricks remeniscient of Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarrantino, Stanley Kubrick and their ilk. Use of minimalism, surrealism, abstraction and other such concepts is rampant and used with great success. The character design is wonderful, the background design is magnificent, the animation is just as fluid as it needs to be, and there can be no complaints to anyone who doesn't find it too jarring or is expecting yet more of the standard high budget and supremely detailed that is so rampant with the popular titles today. The only reason this isn't a solid ten is that the rest of the series is also top notch, and as such there is a comparison to others in the series. This is a work of art, not just a piece of animation. People should study this, not just watch it. If only for this aspect, you have to see it. Sound: Good at the very least, usually great, sometimes genius. Use of effects in orginal ways and to fit with the animation is as usual for the series. The beauty of it is in just how unobtrusive it manages to be while still so dominant. As usual for the series, it is all about the voices being the center of the stage, and the effects being a foil for the video and action. Which is more than fine... it actually makes me look at other shows and think to myself "huh, that's just too much forced drama" or "that's just childish". There is a definite restrained ideology behind the use of sound here. It is the grease to make the ride so smooth despite all the sharp turns and cuts. In short, there is nothing more to say other than this is one of those rare cases where the sound is just plain old tasteful. Sometimes, knowing when to be unobtrussive and when to be sharp is the most important thing, and this is such a case. Characters: Here is where it gets complicated. There are some characters I really missed, others that I absolutely love, they are doing their own thing, and more or less showing some development with the series. I truly cannot be objective here. I have seen every bit of the Bake/Hana/Nise/monogatari things out there. I like it a lot. Are they the best set of characters ever? No. Are they good? Yes. Can I qualify them as exceptional? Not quite sure (though I have a weakness for Shinobu and Hitaki). What I can say for sure is that the characters drive the plot, and they hold up well. Also, if you don't get them, there is always the rest of the series to catch up on. Overall: Recommended, if only for another tour-de-froce in modern directing with crisp execution. It does not look or feel like other anime that is outside of this story-world. People can compare it to things like xxxHolic or the such as much as they want, but that's missing this point. This is the second strongest, if not the best of the series... and as such, is an experience that is not like anything else.

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