Tsubasa: Spring Thunder Chronicle

Alt title: Tsubasa: Shunraiki

OVA (2 eps)
4.293 out of 5 from 3,742 votes
Rank #462

Trapped in the ice world of Celes, the struggle to find Sakura's missing feathers continues. Using the last of his magic, Fai transports the group to a new destination - Nihon. Finding himself in the familiar surroundings of his home world, Kurogane struggles to come to terms with his past. Meanwhile, Princess Sakura has been transported to a dream world and as Syaoran goes to find her, a familiar and shadowed character appears to stop him. As the situation darkens, can Sakura be saved or will her nightmare vision come to fruition?

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yasmin09 Aug 21, 2011
Score 9.5/10

*Note: Watch only if you have read up to this point in the manga, otherwise, expect to be confused and face major spoilers in the series. *Slight spoiler alert discussing where in the manga this OVA takes place. Story: This followed true to CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles right after the situation with Ashura followed by the battle between the two Syaoron's. This was a faithful adaptation that was easy... read more

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nasreen10 Aug 27, 2010
Score 9.5/10

Story: Let me start off my telling you that you need to be caught up in the manga in order to understand what is going on. The story starts around the end of volume 21 to 23. However, they make a numerous amount of flashbacks of scenes from the manga that were not in the anime or Tokyo Revelations. The flashbacks did make sense with the storyline though I wish that the producers would have made another season... read more

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