Tropical-Rouge! Precure Petit Tobikome! Collaboration ♡ Dance Party!

Movie (1 ep x 4 min)
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Tropical-Rouge! Precure Petit Tobikome! Collaboration ♡ Dance Party!

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There was an art to passing the baton from one Pretty Cure series to the next.  In the early years, beginning with Yes!! Precure 5 Gogo, teasers were inserted in the last 3-4 episodes alerting watchers of the next team coming.  Then, for a few seasons, at the end of the final episode, the lead cure would introduce the next lead cure (Cure Lovely introduces Cure Flora, Cure Flora introduces Cure Magical).  Then, the practice was to give the new lead cure some fighting time during the last episode.  So, Hugtto! runs into Cure Star while finishing up on the opposition.  Star Twinkle meets Cure Grace and her little dog Latte.  Each newbie gets in a few punches, then goes home happy waiting for their turn. Tropical-Rouge! Precure Petit Tomikome! Collaboration Dance Party! is the most recent 'passing the baton' episode which puts all previous efforts to promote the new season to utter ignominy. And it all begins with a pleasant invitation from Cure Grace to Cure Summer to attend a dance contest.  They have three minutes to get there!  This is where things get interesting. The movie short demonstrates the high-energy that will be typical of the Tropical Rouge team.  The animation does well to show the anxiety to excitement of Cure Summer and her team to battle through all the opposition.  Not the Yarane-de of the series, but something close.  The Dunnawanna ... and they have more moxie than the laid-back, too clownish to be taken seriously Yarane-de.  The Pretty Cure need to survive plummeting from a Dunnawanna plane and battle through the high surf to get to the deserted island where Healin' Good has the festivities ready.  The situations get comical, the battles just amusing to see Pretty Cures busting their gut to get to the dance. The animation is a labor of love, showing great detail in facial expression, martial arts movements, and ... above all ... dance sequence.   This is the highpoint of the conclusion of the six-minute piece.  The dance sequence of Healin' Good incorporating all members of Healin' Good and Tropical Rouge followed by a grand vice versa, the Tropical Rouge closing dance routine done by the eight girls of these precure teams (mermaid Laura, though she is seen in the action, can't join the dance.  Cure La Mer was still a top-secret character at the time of the production of this promotional video). Lively music.  Fast-paced action.  Energetic characters.  An excellent and novel way to get the new season going.

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