Trinity Seven Movie: Eternal Library & Alchemic Girl

Alt title: Trinity Seven Movie: Yuukyuu Toshokan to Renkinjutsu Shoujo

Movie (1 ep x 55 min)
3.82 out of 5 from 3,905 votes
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One day Arata Kasuga, the demon lord candidate who possesses the "demon lord element," casually touches Lilith Asami's grimoire, the Hermes Apocrypha. At that moment, he's suddenly surrounded by by light, and a mysterious young girl shows up in front of him. He gives her the name Lilim, and she becomes attached to Arata and Lilith as her mother and father. But in the same moment she appeared, something in their world changed... The forbidden "Eternal Library" has awakened. Sealed within it is the ultimate product of alchemy, a human creation called the "White Demon Lord." The White Demon Lord plans to take out Arata and the Trinity Seven so that he can become the true demon lord. Arata and his companions must face a power greater than any they've ever seen, one that threatens to destroy the world. Can Arata and the Trinity Seven protect the world? Their final battle now begins!

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Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl

Episode 1

Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl

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Welcome ladies and gents to this brand new and shiny Trinity Seven..Which is a movie....Which you'll be sad to know it isn't a movie..Not in the conventional way at least.First things first..This is as you may know an ecchi anime..So you can expect a triumph of boobs and some ass over substance. Just to be on the safe side though some story is thrown in as an afterthought.So the movie starts with showing you some clips with what you've already seen in the series..And here we have the very first problem.This isn't a long length movie.It clocks at 56 or so minutes.45 if you take out the clips at the start and the finishing title sequence.As a result things are going at the speed of light.From the time you hit play to the moment you are done with it you're left wondering what was the purpose of making it in the first place.I mean it's not like they didn't have as much time as they wanted to make it at least 2 hours long.This is almost 3 years after the series and they release a movie which feels and indeed is rushed.It's like they woke up some morning after they got a call from the producers and said:Oh crickey we forgot to make a movie lads,better make it quick or our daughters and wives are gonna have to be prostitutes to pay for our debt. And we ended up with this pathetic attempt..The story is picked up after the events of the series.But now some new overlord has awakened and he wants to rule the world with clothes as white as your sister's underpants.Boobs happen and overlord appears and our MC with the help of the boob holders are saving the day with might...And boobs...And some nude scenes.Ok the series wasn't that much different but it was,like i said,A SERIES..This is a movie..And with the short length and with all the ecchi scenes there is no space at all for anything else..And that kind of defeats the purpose of  movie as well as that of a continuation..Maybe all they wanted was to release something as an advert of a new series?Maybe they were just lazy?No matter what they thought this,for me at least,is a total waste of time..And a blatant exploit of fans who might have wanted to watch something worth their 2 yr long wait. The animation is pretty stantard for these days.This little ecchi anime has more stunning animation than most of the "serious" anime.And i couldn't care less to be frank. The characters have no space to develop.Not that i expected anything of the sort..The only thing that happens is that they get some new toys.And i couldn't care less.. Cause if they wanted me to care why go to all the trouble of making this and not a full roast beef series we can gourge ourselves on?It would be a much better use of the studio's time and money and we would get something better than this hideous piece of shit pasta.As somethinhg to pass your time,sure go ahead it's harmless fun..As something to blow your mind?No,not even close.


Some shows usually get a second season to expand on the shows universe while others like Trinity Seven get the movie treatment and with two to date, this is a show that might not be dying just yet. Also, there may be spoilers as usual. StoryThis story takes place after the events of the first season and there is a little introduction which takes up about four minutes of run time and with this being a fifty-five-minute movie, it's not really something that you should do. Anyway, the opening scene is actually a dream sequence with Arata being protected by Lilith which we would know later that it was also the final fight scene in the movie. The first actual scene we get is Arata talking about that dream to Lieselotte who is still in Selina body. From there it feels like another episode of T7 just with bigger stakes on the line with world destruction once again on the line this time, not by Arata. The problem that I do have with this is the fact that 55 minutes (sorry 50 minutes if you cut the intro) is too short for a movie and just feels like an extended episode of the show instead of what it should be and that is the fact that it properly should have been at least twenty or so minutes longer. [6] Animation The animation for the movie has been kept up to standards that the TV series showed us with the dark colours being followed up throughout this movie bar a couple of scenes here and there where the colour scheme is a bit better but still on that sort of darkish tone that you are a custom to this series. [7] Sounds ZAQ is back in terms of singing the ED this time with the song "Last Resort". In my personal opinion, I actually do prefer this song compared to the original OP for the series. This is, of course, isn't something that I would imminently put on the anime playlist that I have but would be happy to listen to it if it was on the overall playlist. On the character side, the characters sound like how I would think they sound in my head. Ok, that might of sound weird because I think it was in my head while writing this. [7] Characters So most of the regular characters make an appearance and do the role that they usually do during the entire series. That is except for a couple of characters that suddenly switch motives for this movie. Now for me, this is something that they shouldn't really do as it sort of deflates their motives for these characters. Yeah, you shouldn't go and attack another demon instead to the main focus being the MC. But before that, we have to beat this demon lord who may I ask is essentially doing the same motive of destroying the world that these characters are in. So hooray for that and no real development throughout the entire movie. The other new character to make an appearance in this movie is Lilim who only appears after Arata "accidentally" touch Lilith grimoire. But compared to the demon lord, at least we have some development (even if it was for this movie only) with the characters all being lovely to the new girl that is not of legal age. I didn't mind this addition to the cast as it felt like it was an addition that I could be able to get behind [6] Final thoughts This is a movie that if you haven't seen the series, you might not enjoy the movie but for people who have, then it's a good ride. I do feel like it was a bit short and maybe an extra ten minutes would give it justice to this show.

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