Trinity Blood

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In a post-apocalyptic future, Abel Nightroad does occasional dangerous work for the Vatican, to whom he is extremely loyal. While the apocalyptic war has long been over, humanity is still entrenched in a shadow war against the vampires. Lady Catherine, the leader of his operations group "AX," seeks to prevent a renewed full-scale conflict, but there are many forces on both sides bent towards war. As Abel and the rest of AX try to stop this, he encounters a young girl who will be the key to humanity's survival or demise. Now, Abel must not only fight for humanity, but also try to face his regrettable past...

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haize78 Jan 24, 2015
Score 4.5/10

Trinity Blood could have been a good anime, but it fails to deliver. The premise is interesting, presenting all the elements necessary for an exciting political intrigue story, but the shortcomings and drawbacks are so many that I'd say you can safely avoid watching it.  There's the Vatican in Italy with a teenage pope manipulated by his older cardinal siblings, the Vampires ruled by a Vampire Empress in... read more

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bmcafee Dec 14, 2014
Score 8/10

Trinity Blood Review, Trinity Blood takes place several hundred years in the future in post apocalyptic Earth divided between three kingdoms.  The Empire of the True Race, is a vampire kingdom with its capital in Byzantium.  The Vatican leads the New Human Empire and opposes the vampires in what is pretty much a cold war.  And Albion, or England, with its capitol in Londinium, is a... read more

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