Traveling Daru

Alt title: Tabisuru Nuigurumi: Traveling "Daru"

OVA (1 ep x 11 min)
3.991 out of 5 from 441 votes
Rank #1,353

After being rushed to a flight by her mother at the airport, a young girl loses her most prized possession, a plush toy named Daru. Awakened by the girl's tears, Daru sets forth on a grand adventure to find her, crossing continents, communicating with animals and statues alike, and even making a new caterpillar friend along the way. As time passes, will Daru ever be reunited with his beloved owner?

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Episode 1

Traveling Daru

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zerothehero's avatar
zerothehero Jun 21, 2017
Score 8/10

This anime was better than expected. It was very touching watching Daru reunite with it's owner. You should definatly give it a watch if you want to watch something short. heartwarming, and has cute characters. The story was really good in my opinion. Nice side things, like with the caterpillar. Lot's of determination. Sad but everything worked out in the end. It does have a lot of the same animation, walking... read more

Gzerble's avatar
Gzerble Feb 16, 2015
Score 6/10

Starting with the end: yes, you should watch Traveling Daru now, as it is easily worth the eleven minutes you'll spend on it. No, it is not one of the most memorable shorts, but yes, it is heartwarming. The story is simple enough for one lacking speech until the last few seconds, but effective. The music is cliche, and does its job rather well. There is essentially only a character and a half here... read more


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