Trava: Fist Planet

OVA (4 eps)
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Taking any job that pays a lucrative amount, ace pilot Trava and mechanic Shinku are on their way to Fist Planet to take part in the Speedmaster race - a competition which of course boasts rather impressive cash prizes. However, they first have a contract to survey Area 78 on planet Fable, something which is making them both very uneasy. Once in orbit, they pick up a young girl, Mikuru, who has been in cryosleep for an unknown amount of time and had her memories erased. What is Mikuru's past, why were her memories blanked and what secrets does Fable hold?

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While Redline was a fun fast paced film, it didn't have much in the way of character development. It had it's slower moments to break up the action, but it sacrificed character development so it could be better paced. But as if to make up for it, there is a short 4 episode OVA focusing on two of the racers featured in Redline. Of course, with Redline's infamous seven year development, the OVA started releasing in 2002, a whopping seven years before the movie's release date. Trava: Fist Planet obviously follows ace pilot Trava and his personal mechanic buddy, Shinkai, who are on their way to finish surveying an out-of-the-way unknown and possibly dangerous planet. As they are arriving, they find a pod floating in space containing a girl called Mikuru, who doesn't have a memory. Soon after, they all discover that the planet that they were set to mark is more than it seems. The OVA isn't as fast paced as the film is, opting to go for a slower more character focused pace. It's only 46 minutes, so it makes up for it by putting it's focus entirely on the characters themselves. It's nice that this OVA went in it's own direction instead of trying to just do the fast-paced action of the movie again but in a smaller time frame. It's pretty obvious that this OVA was released several years before the movie, as it's not quite as polished as the movie, but that doesn't really matter since it's still entertaining to watch. It still has it's unique art style which makes it stand out and the animation is still pretty good even if it's not as smooth or detailed as the movie. There isn't an English dub for this, but there really wasn't really a need for one. The only real downside to the OVA is there aren't more of them based on the characters from Redline. It could have been fun to have several OVA's, each with their own unique story telling style for each of the characters from the movie. It could have been entirely possible that we were going to get more of these, but due to delays with the film, this was the only one we got, and we probably won't be getting any more of these in the future, but it's nice that we even for this to begin with. This is highly recommended for fans of Redline.

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